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15 Ways To Relieve Stress

Looking for tips to better your mental health? One of the biggest enemies for our bodies is constant stress, so we rounded up a few of our favorite ways to relieve stress! #MentalHealth

Feeling stressed from time to time is completely normal, but what most don’t realize is how long-term stress, can affect your mental and physical wellbeing. It’s one of our mental wellbeing’s biggest enemies and it can creep up on us without warning.

If you’re currently going through a stressful time (aren’t we all?!), here are some of our top ways to relieve stress! Hope our list of tips helps you.


15 Ways To Relieve Stress



Meditating allows you to connect to your inner self. Ask your deepest self what the causes of your stress are, who are your stressors, and dig from within if those things are worth your time and energy. The answers are always within you. 


Take a good relaxing shower

Turn the heater on and take a relaxing shower. The hot water that runs through your skin is a great way to ease the stress your body feels and somehow, relaxes your mind. Just think of washing those thoughts that bother you the way waters washes dirt. 

 Travel to ease stress

Take a vacation

Take a break from everything if you need to. You deserve to be away for a short while! A good vacation clears your mind and calms your body and soul. It makes you think clearly and removes the stress within you. Take a leave if you must, after all, life’s too short to be stressed out on temporary things. 


Talk with your closest friends

A true circle of friends that you trust the most is always a smart idea to vent your feelings to. Confide to them if you must and let them know what you truly feel. We all just want someone who will listen to us, accept us, and will understand us at the end of the day.

 Reading inspirational books is one of the best ways to relieve stress

Read inspirational books

Reading books that are inspirational and motivational is like a wakeup call to us that makes us realized about the light inside us, that we are better than what we are currently facing, that we are bigger than what stresses us and we can overcome anything because every problem always has a solution.



Self-affirmations are so important when you are going through a difficult situation in life. Talk to yourself when you are feeling stressed and say, “I’m stronger than this”, “This will not break me, it will make me”, “I’ll get through this”, phrases like these save you a moment of stress and sadness. Be your own hero in your story.

Listen to your favorite music

Divert your attention from stress to listening to your favorite music. This will set yourself in a positive and encouraging environment. Alongside this, it will make you remember the good memories you had! We like to play the new TikTok playlist on Spotify and dance it out. This helps relieve stress so much. 


Cry it out if you need to

Sometimes, crying is a healthy way to express your emotions that has been bottled up inside you. Let them out and just allow it to flow freely because suppressing them will only make it heavier and double the weigh inside you. Cheer up! Need some help? Throw on Grey’s Anatomy or an emotional movie to get the tears flowing.


Go for a walk

Strolling while breathing fresh air gives you a minute to pause for a while, reflect, and think. Walking therapy gives a different kind of relief to your body and it also diverts your thoughts by making your eyes busy with sightseeing. Try to walk in nature because being in nature surrounded by trees calms you down instantly. 



Stretching, yoga, boxing, and running. These are some of the exercises you can do.  Regular exercise is always a perfect idea to boost your mood and it makes you release happy hormones. Studies show that people who engage more in sports are less likely to be depressed.


Watch a movie

Watching a movie is a good distraction from your stressed mind and body because it gets you into another world by just watching. Just make sure you watch a nice or comedy movie that makes you feel good. 


Eat some dark chocolate

Sweet things like chocolate create wonders too! Dark chocolate has an ingredient called Cortisol or also known as Catecholamines that fights stress to people who feel it most. Eating one bar each day keeps the stress away.

 Journaling is a powerful way to relieve stress

Write it down

Keeping a diary about the things that you feel is a powerful way to make you feel better and even stronger. Write it all down and read them again after a few months have passed by and when you feel like being stuck in the same stressful situation again you would just read your diary again and realize how you made it through.


Listen to a podcast

The podcast industry is booming, and for a good reason! Podcasts are soothing, and you can transport yourself to a whole different world when you listen to them, which makes them one of the best ways to relieve stress. The best thing about it? You can totally listen to a podcast while doing chores like cooking or cleaning the house. There are so many amazing podcasts out there – from stories to interviews about mental health and such, so it’s a great self-help method, especially if you’re going through a tough time and want to listen to success stories from those who overcame the same hardships you’re going through now. Here are some of our favorite podcasts to listen to right now.


When we did a poll on stories the #VGBsquad recommended talking to a therapist, CBD, THC (if it’s legal), dancing it out in your living room, taking the day off, scrolling through TikTok, or having a glass of red wine to wind down on the patio. 

What are some other tips to relieve stress that have worked for you?