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5 Surprising Things That Benefit Your Health

How wonderful life would be if we could survive solely on alcohol, junk food, and bad habits?! Well, we have good news for all those who enjoy things that are conventionally considered unhealthy. i.e. All the people in the world! As recent studies have concluded that certain unhealthy habits we occasionally enjoy can actually benefit our health. No, that still doesn’t mean that you can survive just on beer and chips, but you’ll certainly be happy to find out about these 5 surprising things that might help you become a bit healthier. Let’s see what they are!

Drink Tequila

Okay, let’s get something straight – drinking a whole bottle of tequila on a night out surely won’t benefit your health. If you limit yourself on just 1 or 2 shots, you may be doing yourself a favor! Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made from the blue agave plant which has some miraculous properties that include helping you lose weight and aids in digestion. This provides your body with necessary pro- and prebiotics. It’s also beneficial for fighting many illnesses such as osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes, dementia and insomnia. Of course, this only works if you drink “100% agave” tequila and in limited amounts as well.

Have Sexy Time

Besides the fact that it just feels so good, sex actually does you good, too. Who would have known that one of our favorite pastime activities can be beneficial to our health? Well, scientists have confirmed that making some sweet love can improve your immune system, lower your blood pressure and risks of suffering a heart attack, but also improve sleep and ease stress. If this wasn’t enough, it’s good to note that sex also counts as great exercise, meaning you’ll be fit, healthy, and pleased.

Indulge in Some Sweet Delight

Once again, no, stuffing your face with chocolate won’t give you anything but potential diabetes, increased cholesterol and weight problems. On the plus side, consuming small amounts of dark chocolate or cocoa can help you stimulate the brain, improve your circulatory system, and even prevent cancer. Also, if you’re battling diarrhea, it’s worth mentioning that a few bites of dark chocolate could give you some relief from this tedious condition.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Remember how your parents always yelled at you for playing in the dirt and urged you to wash up immediately as you entered the house? Now, thanks to some extensive research, experts have concluded that getting dirty can actually benefit your health. The exposure to bacteria and parasites can boost our immune systems and make us immune to all types of illnesses and viruses. This doesn’t mean that you should forsake hygiene in general, but to simply keep in mind that a bit of gardening or camping certainly won’t hurt.

Hang Out with Mary Jane

While there has been a lot of controversy regarding the subject, especially in the last couple of years, many studies have shown that cannabis has major benefits to our overall health. Many countries have started legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. It has proven to be effective for depression, pain, glaucoma, constipation and even some types of cancer. Of course, as it’s still considered illegal in most countries worldwide, instead of rolling a blunt, you can always rely on medical shops in which you can find weed edibles and other similar products made from cannabis strains.

Who would have guessed that some of the biggest no-no’s in our lives could be potentially beneficial to our health? This only proves that nothing in this world is just black or white and that some of the things we considered bad could bring us some positive change if handled correctly. Everything in moderation!