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Why I bought $3,000 of bedding from Restoration Hardware

Are there other things I could have done with $3,000?  Yes, absolutely.  Have I slept in Target and Marshall’s sheets before? Duh.  But if you add up all the money I’ve spent on those sheets I could have probably already had nicer ones.  Maybe that’s true maybe it’s not but I’m okay with it either way.  My fiancé just moved in, we got a new king bed (a nice one), and I wanted the master bedroom to be complete.  We loved everything at RH!

 views from the balcony at RH in Atlanta

So we scouted out every bedroom at RH until we agreed on one.  Well two. Until we took some pillows and mixed a tad to combine our two taste.  Yes we carried pillows through the bougey RH looking a fool but it worked!  You already know the journey if you follow us on snapchat [@VerbalGoldBlog].  If you missed it, I uploaded our story on YouTube here.

Why I bought $3,000 sheets from Restoration HardwareWhy I bought $3,000 sheets from Restoration Hardware

Why I bought $3,000 sheets from Restoration HardwareWhy I bought $3,000 sheets from Restoration Hardware

You can buy in store but unfortunately you can’t take anything home.  I decided to go home and buy online so I could take my time making sure I had everything I needed.  I’m sure they lose some initial impulse buyers on that fact alone.  I almost chickened out when I saw the cart total.  Yikes!  Luckily there was a huge bedding discount which encouraged me to buy now.

Our bed is put together and finally complete.  We got new pillows, a new down comforter, new duvet, new coverlet, euro shams, king shams, lumbar pillow, and a fur accent pillow…. the works!  We decided on the below bedding and got it in the color mist, bone, fog, and graphite with a champagne metallic monogram.  I love all the textures too; Italian vintage washed sateen, velvet chevron stitch, textural seed-stitch cotton, and fur make up our bedding. This is the bedding we chose at RH and added two different shams for texture. 

Why I bought $3,000 sheets from Restoration Hardware

Although  I’m super hesitant to show you our bedding because it hasn’t been pressed and we’re still missing our lumbar pillow insert, fur pillow sham, and coverlet here’s a sneak peak.  The other items are backordered until April so we’ll just have to wait.  And sorry these shitty iPhone edit pics don’t do it justice.  I’m still working out how I’d like to make the bed;  If I want the velvet euro shams (the square ones) behind or in front of the seed-stitch cotton king shams. After looking at these pictures I’ll probably end up switching it.

SO yes, I spent $3,000 on bedding and we got them monogrammed.  Why?  Because I’m adult.  Like a real live grown up.  And it’s okay to splurge and spend my own money every now and then.  Plus, my bed looks and feels like a million dollars now!    I pulled the trigger on a baller bed for 3 reasons… 

1. They’re Restoration Hardware… you just feel like a boss saying it (or is that just me).  We toured the entire store and as shallow as it sounds, were the youngest people in there.  It’s like… that feeling… we have arrived. You know? Like a personal best in life.  

2. Holy sheet they’re comfortable AF … like fall asleep immediately comfortable.  Worth it.  Anything hotel heavy I’m game for.  I literally melt when I get in it.

3. Goals.  I feel like step 1 of being an adult is getting nice quality sheets.  Everything is so put together and I love it.  

My bed is where I spend a lot of my time when I’m at home.  Get me horizontal and I’m happy.  #instasmiles All the feelings. To me the splurge was totally worth it.  But what do you think? 


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