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Why I bought $3,000 of bedding from Restoration Hardware


  Are there other things I could have done with $3,000?  Yes, absolutely.  Have I slept in Target and Marshall’s sheets before? Duh.  But if you add up all the money I’ve spent on those sheets I could have probably already had nicer ones.  Maybe that’s true maybe it’s not but I’m…

Trunks and Texture


Happy Saturday golden girls!!! And as usual Saturday is for shopping! Eeeek! One thing I’ve been dying over lately are trunks and chests.  i.  love. them. like a lot.  The set of 3 Aberdeen trunks with leather texture and snakeskin are the ones I have and I love them!  They’re 50%…

Werk Betch! Office Makeover Numero 3!


 If y’all didn’t catch the first go round of le new Office Makeover then check out the before here.  If you know me you know I can’t sit still for long.  There must be a hidden interior designer deep down just busting to get out because I will literally sell…