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Tuscany, Italy: What Regions to Visit and What to Eat

Tuscany is situated in the central part of Italy. It is still the best visiting region in the country that attracts tourists with its bright historic and winery traditions, soft climate and picturesque landscapes. Join the best-ever journey that is usually called the journey see-and-die. You don’t want to come back” amazing history, culture and cuisine. You can find everything in Tuscany. You will learn the real price of every new moment! First of all, you should take a flight to Florence. It is better to hire a car in Florence and drive on with often stops in the nearby hotels.

Where to Visit + What to Eat


I highly recommend you fly into Florence, Italy. It is the  cradle of Italian Renaissance and has the best cuisine recipes in Italy.

Florence is the beating heart of Toscana. Try to make sure you don’t miss La Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore with its outstanding historical dome. You can find one of the best bell towers in Italy, Campanile di Giotto. If you can bear the tourist crowds and are feeling romantic, head in the direction of Ponte Vecchio.

Enoteca Pinchiorri is the right place to learn the true taste of Toscana dishes. The restaurant chef became the first restaurant woman, who has three Michelin stars. The restaurant is situated in the palace of the 16th century. There is a winery that consists of 70,000 wine bottles.

For those of you that are on a budget, stop by any one of the local cafe’s. You have many options walking through the Square of Bernando Tanucci.


Certaldo is situated 60 kilometers South of Florence. The region is famous of its glassware. Certaldo boasts the narrow streets, small Middle-Aged squares, ancient buildings. There can be the exceptions to the rules like Palazzo Pretorio which was restored in the 15th century. This is a place for holding exhibitions and presentations.

The official symbol of Certaldo is onion. You can find onion in the every dish, including desserts.



The small cozy historical city is situated about half an hour driving South from Certaldo. The first building that was constructed here in the 14th century was a high tower. There are now over seventy two towers. The towers became bigger with time to take more space for workshops, kitchens and living rooms to be included inside.

The most typical dishes for this region are cooked in the center of the city in Peruca. Fagottini del contadino also known as, ravioli. Filled with cheese and pears, cedar seeds and saffron sauce it is truly delicious. Be sure to pair this dish with the local white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.


Volterra belongs to the Pisa Province territory. It has been rebuilt many times and restored in the historical and cultural aspect. The city looks like it came down from the page of the historical book about the Middle Ages. It is surrounded with the ancient towers and walls. Walking down the city streets, you feel like you have gone back in time.

While in Volterra, trust your sense of smell! You can find a couple of traditional aromatic dishes here such as Zuppa di Volterra, Pappardelle with pork and rabbit meat, and a variety of cheeses.



Do you want to be wrapped up in the Middle Age atmosphere? Go and see Monteriggioni, 40 kilometers from Volterra. The region boasts the Monteriggioni castle and tower wall with 14 towers surrounding it. The main city square is called
L’Antico Travaglio.

I highly recommend stopping at a restaurant to try the Tuscany beef paired with a glass of red wine. Cigolino del Castello di Monteriggioni is the local choice.


Siena is one of the most popular touristic cities of Tuscany. You can see the amazing Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, Piazza del Campo. Here you can see the world popular horse races twice a year. All participants are dressed in the bright clothes, traditional for one or another Italian region. All citizens go to the street to welcome participants.

If you have a large appetite, visit Osteria Da Divo for a Florentine steak. If you want to eat something light, go to Toscana Golosa in the center of the city!



Visiting Italy for the wine?! In Montalcino you will find Brunello is the best wine that you have ever tried from the 14th century. It became mostly popular in the 19th century. This wine is known as the best in Italy. If you are going to travel over the Tuscany region in June, Montalcino hosts the local festival Jazz&Wine.

If visiting Italy be sure to check out some of these hotspots!