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Why you should travel to Ireland and visit the Cliffs of Moher

cliffs of moher Ireland travel blogger

The Cliffs of Moher mark the most astounding, breathtaking, beautiful nature spot in Ireland! The VGB squad had many places on their bucket list while we were in Ireland but the number one place that we all agreed on was the Cliffs of Moher. They are one of the most visited tourist sites in Ireland. They receive around a million visitors each year. Anyone who has experienced the view can simply understand why.

The Cliffs of Moher are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. The Cliffs are 509 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and offer the most breathtaking views that you can imagine. The cliffs consist mainly of beds of Namurian shale and sandstone. The oldest rocks are found at the bottom of the cliffs. (No you can’t go down there!) You can see 300 million-year-old river channels cutting through. Once you pull into the parking lot it’s 6 euros per person for a ticket. Totally worth it. There are a few shops at the base of the cliffs where you can find jewelry and other odds and ends. There is also a bathroom and a visitor center with more information.

Once you start walking up the cliffs you can take several paths. Yes, there is a pathway with vertical slate rocks as your border which keeps you from being blown over the side or falling down. I’d say it’s about 10 feet or so away from the edge so you still get incredible views but you also feel protected. The best spot to get up close and personal with the cliffs is to take the path to the left. But please be careful!


Three Reasons to Visit The Cliffs of Moher

1. Brings You Closer To Nature and/or God: As soon as I started to see the Atlantic Ocean crashing into the cliffs from above, my heart stopped. I needed a moment…a long moment to reflect on what my eyes were seeing. Nature at its best! I simply could not help but think of God and how he created such a beautiful spot in the world. I prayed a lot when I was at the top of those cliffs. I thought about how I was so thankful to be able to see this remarkable spot in the world. I knew that I would never be able to describe its beauty or how it made me feel so one with nature. They say it’s good for your soul.

2. Sight and Sound: The pictures do not do this location justice. You need to be there to take in the full view, which includes the sounds of the waves crashing into the cliffs and the wind gusting because you are on the coast. You can feel the ocean spray from down below. It gets blown up with the wind and mists over you. It is an unforgettable experience not only in sight but sound too.

3. Media Sensation: Huge movies, TV shows, and music videos are shot on location at the Cliffs of Moher because of its picturesque beauty. Some examples include Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Leap Year, The Princess Bride, and Maroon 5’s music video “Runaway.”


Favorite Photos of Our Visit

Cliffs of Moher Ireland guide travel blogger

Cliffs of Moher Ireland guide travel blogger

Outfit fail… that dress is dunzo



What To Wear

Remember you’re by the ocean and in Ireland so we recommend wearing layers and an outdoor boot of sorts. Some of the pathways are paved but you’re walking in the dirt (mud if it’s rained) and gravel mainly so prepare for that. Don’t wear a dress like Ady did (see photos above). Rock some leggings and rain boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Do not wear leather boots or a hat. Even if it rained the night before some of the water will stand and it’s usually in the middle of where you’re walking. Leather boots will just get muddy and they are a pain to clean. Also, hats are known to blow off there so we’d recommend beanies only.




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Cliffs of Moher Ireland guide travel blogger


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