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Rosé, the new trend


Photo Cred: Luxlife Magazine


I just came home with two bottles of rosé wine and I started thinking, why is rosé trendy all of a sudden. I pulled up Google and I was not the only person who was wondering about this current fad. Alex Beggs with Vanity Fair did a thorough explanation but I’ll give you the cliff notes on the information I gathered.
In college, I headed to the store and bought a big bottle of white zinfandel and I was ready to go for the night (what a headache when I think back on it). White zinfandel was my gateway to white wine and then red wine. I finally made it! I like and enjoy red wine. Now, here I am drinking rosé and wondering if I’m going backwards. But it’s pink, pretty and everyone is talking about it so why not give it a try. 
Photo Cred: Justin Bishop
So what’s the deal? 
Besides it being a good prop to photograph and instagram famous with hashtags like #rosé, #yeswayrosé , #summerwater, #rosévibes, #brosé (that’s guys drinking rosé) and I’m sure many more, there’s actually some background. 


Social Media Personalities, The Fat Jew aka Josh Ostrovsky & White Girl Problems’ Babe Walker jumped on the trend and created their own wine, White Girl Rosé (props to you, make that $).




Photo Cred: The Fat Jew


Things to know about rosé wine: 
  • European wine trends are about 3 years ahead of the U.S.
  • In 2009 & 2010, rosé wines were being heavily promoted in Europe (Bob Paulinski, senior vice president of wine at BevMo).
  • 3 years ago rosé become prominent in the Hamptons and known as “Hamptons Gatorade”. To give you an idea of the boom, per Vanity Fair Wölffer Estate’s first batch of rosé was made in 1992 in a batch of 82 cases and this year they turned out almost 22,000 cases. WOW!
  • A few years ago only places like the Hamptons, Nantucket, and some in Miami were drinking rosé in the U.S. (Paul Chevalier, the wine director at Château d’Esclans).
  • Rosé pairs well with a variety of food.
  • Bottles are fun and different! And rosé come in different hues – from peach colored to nearly red.
Photo Cred: Wölffer Estate Vineyard Facebook
  • Yes Way Rosé instagram was created by Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir. And they have totes and other branded material.
  • Rosé is inexpensive to make (it’s all about the marketing).
  • The quality of rosé have improved over the years.
  • It’s affordable (but prices have increased due to it’s recent popularity).

So, basically we can thank the Hamptons. If you’re intrigued to know more about the Hamptons, check out our Wanderlust page and it will tell you where to party, what to wear, and where to work out

Only time will tell if this fad will last! Until then, snap away and #yeswayrosé. Cheers!
Photo Cred: Ady Wright
xoxo, Lindsay 

Source Credits: Alex Beggs, Vanity Fair and Allie Albanese, Community Table

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