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Top 10 Things NOT to do at a cookout


I enjoyed this so much I had to bring it back!  So first off, let me start by saying if you want to have a better 4th of July than all your friends check out Sarah’s amazing tips!  She’s hilarious!







HALL*E*LU*JER It’s time for a cookout and fireworks!



Ok so there are some rules to hosting and attending a cookout but for right now I’m going to share some
Cookout Etiquette and more specifically WHAT NOT TO DO at a cookout.  These are some of the most annoying things people do at cookouts.







1. Don’t come empty handed.  
Always bring something for the host(s) 


Bring a dish.  If the host has set the parameters to BYOB or pot luck- bring something!  A side dish or dessert works best and always. bring. alcohol.  Ice is for the lazy last minute “we aren’t really that close” guests.







2. Don’t be an Indian giver.  
If you bring something, don’t take it back home with you.


3. Please RSVP.  
There’s nothing worse than not RSVP’ing and then showing up with a plus one.


4. Don’t be ‘That Girl’.  
Don’t get drunk too early and make people take care of you.







5. Don’t be a wall flower.  
You came to socialize so don’t go inside and sit on the couch by yourself.







6. Be prepared.  
If you are vegan or gluten free bring yo own shiznit.







7. Be responsible.  
If you bring kids or a dog keep an eye on them.







8. Don’t leave the door open.  
If you’re coming in and out -shut the door behind you. There is nothing worse than chasing flies or bugs around your house and seeing them hover around food. YUCK!







9. Don’t overstay your welcome.  
No one wants an awkward left over house guest crashing on the couch or pulling a “He’s Just Not That Into You” co-hosting move.  When you see people are leaving and cleaning up… hit the road jack! 






10. Alway say Thank You!








I hope everyone has a great long holiday weekend!  What are some of your cookout pet peeves?