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11 thoughts every girl has while getting laser hair removal

After becoming friends with my laser hair specialist and learning of all the crazy ladies that come in to get laser hair removal I had to share my thoughts.  I was told that some people come in without showering, some come in with VAJAZZLES… yes those still exist. Needless to say my mind was blown. So many thoughts go through my head while I’m laying naked on an awkward doctor chair with that crunchy white tissue paper underneath me having a laser annihilate the hair all over my body.  Bye hair! My main thought being whether or not my bare ass will stick to the paper when I have to turn over on the other side to do the back of my legs. UGH. The struggle is real.  Just embrace the embarrassment.  It’s bound to happen.

11 thoughts every girl has while getting laser hair removal:
1. Eff is this really worth it? 
2. Why am I sweating? Am I stuck to the paper? 
3. Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow think happy thoughts.
4. WTF was that? 
5. Do I talk to this lady? Are we friends? I guess we’re besties now.
6. Did I shower? 
7. Is she enjoying this? 
8. This better be working?
9. I have to do this how many more times? 
10. Hope everything looks good down there.
11. Do I tip?

Regardless of how uncomfortable spreading eagle in an awkward location with a stranger makes you feel, to answer one of the questions above, yes it’s totally worth it.  Never ever ever having to shave again is ah-maz-ing!  You can even pay over time so throw financial reasons out the window.  It’s easy and affordable for everyone.  

My one quick tip is buyer beware.  If you’re using a service like Groupon or a discount site for laser hair removal [read: to find someone to obliterate the hair off your body] do your research first.  Make sure the business rewired their electrical outlets because the amount of power needed can’t run through a normal outlet.  You’d be going 15 times instead of 3 which can add up (big $$$$$).  I saw a HUGE difference and had no hair for 2 months after just 1 session.  The power is a big factor in the effectiveness of the hair removal!

If you’re in the Atlanta area this is where I go!  Tell them Ady sent you!