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The Future of Design

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As a designer, the main question that my clients ask is, “What styles and colors are popular and trending right now?”.  I always flash them a friendly, Southern smile and warmly answer them with what is “in” at that moment; however, I also reassure them that what they like is the most important thing to keep in mind.  I am successful as an Interior designer when I make my client happy.  I don’t think that trending colors or styles should be what makes the decision on the direction we go for a design plan.

I feel that a lot of people get wrapped up with what they see online, in magazines, or even furniture showrooms and that shouldn’t be the case. Just because neutrals with distressed grey wood tones are “in” where you live, doesn’t mean you can’t have color!! Personally, I LOVE color so I would be miserable in a muted home that doesn’t have the saturated pops of color that I love.  Plus, you wouldn’t listen to a complete stranger telling you advice about how they think you should live your life, so why would you let the design industry boss you around?

Design is always changing and there is no way to keep up unless you completely redecorate your home after every single furniture market/season- and seriously…who has time (or the cash) for that?? My main advice to anyone thinking about revamping their current home or designing a new space would be to surround yourself with what makes you want to go home.  Your home is your sanctuary- where you can be yourself and you can enjoy all of the colors, textures, and patterns that make you feel comfortable.  If turquoise is the hot color of the year but you aren’t that big of a fan, then don’t feel the need to conform to the trend.  

surround yourself with what makes you want to go home

Think about your “dream house”. What do you see?  More than likely, you’ve had the same image in your head of your fantasy home for years? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?? Your ideas of your dream home are going to be the things that you find attractive and there is a possibility that it won’t be the hottest style of the moment- and that is perfectly OK. Don’t get wrapped up in the decision between mid-century modern vs. glam, boho or traditional, or whatever the flavor of the week that is sure to come. No matter the style, your home should tell a story and that story should be about YOU. The most important design elements in your home should be the mementos from your travels, the cherished photos that remind you of sweet memories, and all of the things that make you smile (or even better, giggle!)

I think that the true future of design is…..drumroll, please…WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE.  Bottom line- be yourself! Now start dreaming!


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