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Fireplaces burning ethanol

How to Choose the Best Fireplace for Keeping Your Home Warm During Winter

During the winter season we need to keep the insides of our home warm and escape the chilling cold weather outside. A fireplace is the best option to keep a room comfortably warm, even on the coldest of winter days. Traditional fireplaces used wood to keep the rooms warm, but over the years, especially out of environmental concerns as well as due to space limitations and need for portability, many other sources have been developed to warm the fireplace. Let us have a look at the various options available now.


Various types of latest Modern Fireplaces that can be installed in Modern Houses:

  • Fireplaces that burn wood – The fireplace that burns wood is the traditional type of fireplace available since the olden days. These fireplaces are ideally made of bricks or stones and they are quite difficult to install with a chimney in a modern house, unless predesigned at the time of constructing the house. So many modern house owners look for some simpler options for heating their rooms.
  • Enclosed fireplaces – This variety of fireplace is built in such a way that the inhabitants of the room will see the fire burning within the fireplace, but they will feel warmth radiating from it, instead of the direct heat of the fire. This type of fireplace is compatible to use both wood and gas as ideal fuel. But fuel usage is much less in this fireplace and it is easier to install in a room.

Enclosed fireplaces

  • Fireplaces inserted into a wall – Many houses have an exclusive space within the walls of every room where a fireplace can be inserted or taken out. By this system, an open hearth can be easily replaced with an enclosed type, if the house owner feels it to be suitable.
  • Electrical fireplaces – This is one of the modern fireplaces that can be used comfortably in any house, which can be turned on or off whenever required. Moreover, it is very cost effective and simple to install in the room, where people can feel the same warmth like a traditional open hearth. Some electrical fireplace may also have a remote-control system, with which the level of heating can be controlled as well. But the electrical consumption is quite high in these fireplaces.
  • Fireplaces burning ethanol – This type of fireplace use ethanol, a highly volatile chemical as the burning fuel, which does not produce any smoke or burning odour like that of burning wood. So it is very environment friendly, though creates lesser heat than the other types. Moreover, this fireplace is quite inexpensive and easy to install in the rooms, which will also perfectly gel with any room decor.

Fireplaces burning ethanol

  • Ventless fireplaces – This type of fireplace does not need any chimney or any kind of ventilation for the smoke. So, it is very easy to install in any room, due to its simple structure. As it uses only gas to burn and produce heat, thus only blue flame is seen in this fireplace.
  • Stone fireplaces – A fireplace made of stone can give a sophisticated or a traditional appearance to a room. As stones are a bit expensive, they may be combined with earth-colored bricks or other materials. This type of fireplace often extends to the ceiling to bring a more rustic feeling to the room.
  • Fireplaces that serve as tabletops – Some fireplaces can be designed in such a way that the top portion of the fireplace can be used as a table or counter top. Thus, it serves the purpose of a furniture in the room while warming up the room above the normal room temperature. Usually, electrical fireplace can be specially designed in this manner.


Do you have a favorite type of fireplace?