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13 Tips To Help You Host The Perfect Summer Party

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dixie dishes summer party blogger

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Throwing a get-together this summer doesn’t need to be hard work. From the planning to the washing up, these handy tips will help you host an (almost) effortless party and leave you with plenty more time to do the most important job… like enjoying yourself!

13 tips for hosting a stress-free summer party

dixie dishes summer party blogger

1. Plan a time and prepare for the weather

Make sure there is a shaded area for guests to sit along with plenty of seating! If it’s really hot have fans going, the pool open, and lots of iced down coolers with beverages to keep your guests cool. If it’s getting chilly get the fire pit going! Keep and eye on the weather when you choose what time of day you want to host your party!

2. Serve refreshing drinks

I like to keep several different beverages out so people have options. Try getting those big mason jar beverage dispensers to display different drinks. There are super cute dual dispensers also! Make a sangria, lemonade, or iced tea! Even a giant pitcher of water is great on a hot day! Want to spice it up? Add fresh fruit like cucumbers, oranges, pineapple, or berries to keep everyone hydrated! Have a few sprigs of fresh mint and lemon sitting out so people can add it to their beverages.

3. Create conversation pits

It’s a fact: people tend to flock to areas with food. Make sure to set up different areas for guests to converse by arranging seating around tables with finger foods and bites. These conversation zones will keep people out of your hair in the kitchen.

4. Set up games

Everyone loves games! If you have time, make a giant jinga! Throw horseshoes, water balloons, bocce ball, corn hole, card games, or sherdades!

5. Light up the night

Bright lights are blinding! Create a warm glow with lanterns, candles, or string lights!

6. Set the mood with music

Create the playlist ahead of time to take the stress out of planning. Set the mood with the perfect playlist. Summer slow jams, jazz, pop, or country, whatever floats your boat. Make sure people can hear the music from different parts of the party without it being overly loud. Whether that means additional blue tooth wireless speakers or central placement just give it some thought!

7. Ice ice baby

It’s the details that get people talking so go the extra mile because more is more! Sure, you could chill your cocktails with basic ice cubes, but if you really want to dress up those drinks, freeze seasonal berries, even edible flowers, or herbs into the ice for a special addition to your refreshing beverages! You can also have different variations of ice cubes with large spheres, cubes, or shapes!

8. Say it with flowers

I always try to fill my home with flowers when I have guests coming over! A few beautifully placed bouquets or potted plants around the house or in the yard will create an amazing ambiance.

9. Have plenty of bite size food

Grilling out? Scent your charcoal with herbs and spices. Just place sprigs of fresh rosemary, thyme or other herbs on the charcoal to add a spin on grilling.

dixie dishes summer party blogger

My favorite grilled cauliflower with buffalo wing sauce

10.Don’t do the dishes

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dixie dishes summer party blogger

11. Amenities

People will need to use the restroom so make sure it’s stocked with hand towels, toilet paper, and air freshener.

12. Keep bugs away

Have citronella candles going to drive bugs away and bug spray handy for guests to use!

13. Make sure guests get home safely

Whether it’s showing the fambam how to use Uber or providing a designated driver, you’re responsible for the safety of your guests if you decide to provide alcohol so drive safe!


Now go have fun and host the most epic summer soiree with all your friends and family!


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