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Bar Cart 101


Nothing like a stiff drink to cure a case of the Monday’s…. so push up a cart and pour yourself a drinky drank!

I’m currently obsessing over gold foil prints, metallics, black and white, with a pop of color… my poison.. PINK! HOT HOT PINK (pssss with Glitter) #duh  So the only problem is my “office” where I work from home is in a casual extra room where I’ve decided to place a bar cart… because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere …. right? RIGHT!

Bizzzzaaaarrrr (see what I did there // say it out loud) Carts I’m loving currently… Mine is Society Social in gold! Obvi.  All Gold Everything!!!!

Now that you’ve found your perf cart or tray don’t forget to stock the bar!!!  I like to keep it simple and decorative but you can literally… literally Linda… put whatever you want on this bad boy!  Liquor, wine, decanters, wine opener, stirrers, straws, cute and funny bar napkins, flowers (love), mixers, barware… whatever tickles your fancy!

My favorite part of the whole chibang is the gallery wall I’VE BEEN DYING to do FOREVER!  Some of my favs are below!  Who doesn’t need a gold glitter unicorn? #ownit #musthave


My work in progress…. as you can see I’m not done… and probably never will be… but I was too excited not to share… 

*these are getting rearranged as soon as my new prints come in*

New print on the way…. so excited! via Katie Kime

via Z Gallerie

What I love most about my bar carts is the top of them lift off to double as a tray with handles!!! AMAZE! What girl doesn’t love a good tray!  So multifunctional.  So enjoy!

Speaking of trays… more on our picks here!

PS!  If you’re not a big drinker or entertainer… doesn’t mean you don’t need a good bar cart!  They are PERFECT for coffee and tea!  Just replace wine glasses with coffee mugs and voila! So cozy! 


xoxo Ady

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