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The Best Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now!

fall-style beauty blogger atlanta fall makeup trends

Y’all my favorite time of the year is finally here!!!! Despite the fact that I could still wear shorts here in HotLanta (it’s been in the 80’s mehhh) Fall has finally arrived! I can pull out my big floppy hats, walk outside without immediately sweating (at least hopefully soon) and revive my favorite fall outfits. But most importantly I have an excuse to change up my makeup routine!

Let’s start with why I love Fall makeup

  • I don’t have to worry about my face melting off when I walk outside from the heat and humidity (this is reason enough to celebrate!)
  • I love switching up my makeup routine from the usual summer (faux) bronzed look! Ditching the lighter eye makeup and coral glossy lips.
  • Being able to wear darker tones that compliment my fall wardrobe!  Since I usually only wear green/olive, purple/berry, tan/suede and black in the fall, I’m looking forward to wearing less bronzer and rocking more berry/brown hues.


photo by Jennifer Oetting Photography // Chanel bag from Pretty Things Hoarder

I used all the products featured below to create this Fall look I loved! I can’t wait for the weather here in Atlanta to get colder so I can continue to play around with different outfits and makeup looks!  So now without further ado….. (drumroll please)

The Top Fall Makeup Trends To Know and Try This Year!

  • Dark matte and berry stained lips
  • Darker autumn hues are in! Copper, matte, glitter and sparkly eyeshadows are my favorite.
  • Sculpting and strobing! My favorite contour and highlighting palette is below.
  • Ruby Slipper Lips! I can’t wait to try out glitter lips!

Maybe it’s just my feed, but I feel like it’s impossible to get on Instagram these days without seeing someone with dark matte lips, and 20 steps to their eyebrow and contouring routine. Some of these posts are very intimidating and overwhelming because there are so many steps and products!

If you want to dip your toe into the Fall makeup trends pool, do what I do. Hit up your neighborhood drug store, Ulta, or Sephora first to test and try products. All of these stores have great options that are budget friendly. That way you can test the looks before buying 10 expensive matte lipsticks and realizing you don’t like any of them. The featured products below are great starting points!


Matte Lips

If you want to play around with darker colors I suggest trying a gloss (like the ELF one) first. Then move your way up to a soft matte lip cream like the NYX one above in San Paulo (super light and creamy). Lots of great color options! If you are ready to take the plunge into matte lipsticks/creams,  I really like the NYX Lingerie lipstick (Exotic) and Ulta Matte Lip Cream (Brilliant).



Dark Eyeshadow Palettes

Let me start off by saying I have never done a products of the month box until this Summer. I wanted to branch out and try some new products I’ve never had before. I tried the FabFitFun box because you get full size beauty products (not just samples) as well as lifestyle, health and fitness products. I can honestly say I’ve used everything in the 2 boxes (Summer and Fall) I’ve gotten so far and they have not disappointed! The scarf, coffee mug and eyeshadow palette by Pure Cosmetics all came in the fall box (in addition to other goodies like toe socks and a night serum I love). The eyeshadow palette is awesome, I’ve been using it consistently for the last few weeks. The pigmentation is great and I love the range of colors that go perfectly with my fall wardrobe! Now that I’m truly a fan of FabFitFun I’m also working with them as an affiliate partner! Use my link to check them out here and the discount code”PUMPKIN” for $10 off your first box!



Contouring, Bronzer and Blush

I’ve worn Torrid by Nars for years as my fav go to pink blush. But in the spirit of changing things up I tried Unlawful, a darker brown tone and I love it! It’s the perfect Fall shade for a little color without being too bright. I’ve also been loving the Ulta Contour kit I recently purchased. As you can tell I’ve played around with all the shades including the highlighter ones.  I really like them all! If you are interested in trying highlighting and contouring, grab a kit with a wide variety of shades so you can play around and find the best mix for you!


Shop The Look


All that being said…please understand that just because something is “trendy” doesn’t mean you have to try or like it. I personally have tried several different brands and colors, but nude matte lipstick is not for me. And that’s ok! Try things out, you may be surprised with what you discover. I tried out several matte lipsticks/lipcreams and many of them were not for me. I’m addicted to chapstick, so having dry lips really bothers me. I wear some of the matte lip creams but I always apply chapstick or gloss on top. So if you want to try a trend or don’t think it’s for you, find a way to make it fit you and your routine!

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