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The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette


I was in a rut using the same makeup and colors (and that is if I was even putting makeup on). I decided I needed an update.  I had an awesome Mac Consultant spend way too much time with me, but she showed and told me how she was applying the makeup and I was ever appreciative. If you haven’t done this in a while, I would highly recommend going to your favorite counter and having the makeup artist start with a blank canvas and make suggestions based on your complexion. At the end, you only have to buy what you
like. And I guarantee it will make you feel better and you’ll want to put in that extra time in the morning to do your makeup.


Now if you aren’t sold on heading to the mall to get a makeover, I’ll pass along my favorite eye makeup right now.



The Paint Pot is a cream shadow that is great to use alone or with other products. It makes a great primer and will help your eyeshadow last all day.


Now onto the shadows – I am obsessed with this palette and I want the world to know, but seriously, it’s great and versatile. I have green eyes so the Burgundy colors complement me and my mom and cousin both got the Amber palette, they’re blond hair and blue eyes.  Just so you know there are options for everyone!


Let’s talk about this palette and look at it like you would read a book, left to right. The first color is a great highlighter for under the brow and in the corner of your eyes. Second color is for your lid and your next 4 colors are great to use in the crease. This kit was designed to take you from a daytime to a nighttime look. For daytime, I use the 3 and4 colors and then 5 & 6 to get me smokier for the evening (or if I’m feeling extra sassy  getting ready in the morning).
NOW LISTEN, my favorite thing about this is that the middle brown color (#5), you can use for your brows. YES, your brows. It’s so much better than using a pencil and you’ll just need a small angle brush.  Also, these
are great colors to use as your eyeliner, use a slightly bigger angle brush to line the top of your lid and bottom. POOF, magic – all in one! Mac products have a strong pigment so you don’t have to use a lot of it. Start light and build on the color to get your desired shade. Now the last 3 colors, I don’t use everyday but
they are fun to play with. Add some in your crease or there is a fun pink color you can add on lid.

Get creative and have fun! Let us know what your must-have make up products are below or over at insta @VerbalGoldBlog
xoxo, Lindsay

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