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3 must have products for at home muscle recovery

Want to learn how to speed up muscle recovery? Whether you're working out at home or just joined the gym, muscle issues can be a pain in the ass, so I decided to round up my 3 life-changing products to help you with muscle recovery after a workout, an injury, tightness, and stress relief. #Fitness #Gym #Workout

tiktok workout

Have you started your at home quartine fitness routine yet to get quarantoned? I have. My goal has been to workout 3x/week so I can achieve my goals because let’s be honest, right now showering is a goal of mine. Typically, if I have time, which I do right now, I will try to work out every day. It’s a mixture of circuit training, cardio in my home gym or through a streaming free workout. I especially love the dance ones and sometimes just end up learning TikTok dances or workouts

However, I have a major hip injury called AVN thanks to years of being an athlete and a crossfit injury but with the additional stress, lack of sleep, and overworking out right now I found myself getting really stiff. It became too painful to sleep last night so I decided to write this blog post. I got out of bed around 4 am and rolled out. I also chugged some water and stretched and it made a world of difference. 

It made me think about how there are probably other people at home sore and maybe in pain as well. Usually, I get a massage once a month but since that’s not an option right now I rounded up 3 life-changing products to help you with muscle recovery after a workout, an injury, tightness, and stress relief. Legit, I take these with me everywhere. It’s saved me a lot of money too since I haven’t had to call my massage therapist up last minute.

How to speed up muscle recovery.

First things first. These are a few things you can do to help speed up muscle recovery. They are very important in the process.

My 3 life-changing products to help you with muscle recovery after a workout, an injury, tightness, and stress relief.


You can get a foam roller or a stick roller. I have both and would recommend getting both. They’re inexpensive and great to roll out different areas of the body. My foam roller saved me last night.

2. Massagers

The theragun or something similar is also clutch. This helps with deep tissue muscle pain. They have different speeds, pressures, and head shapes. I’d also recommend getting the shoulder massager. It heats up, has rotating massagers and speeds. This is great not just for post workouts but for people that use the computer a lot or stare at their phone. There is even a foot version. It’s heaven.

3. Massage table

Mainly because my massage therapist comes to my house but it’s been great when I’m in a lot of pain I can put my husband to work. If you have a massage table at your home for massages your massage therapist will typically give you a discount so it pays for itself. 


My favorite products to help relieve pain and speed up recovery


Want to start an at home gym? Here are a few items to get you started. 


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