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Summer Style for 5 Different Events

Top 5 Summer Styles


Do you ever struggle to pick out a cute outfit for the simplest of events during the summer? I’ve compiled a list of the five most common dressed-for events during these mid-year months and even pinned more on our style pinterest board! And even if you don’t have trouble with such tedious tasks as matching clothes, still continue reading because I don’t know about you but I always enjoy seeing and reading about what others go-to fashion choices are!



Night out on the town

Maybe it’s been a long week at work, and it’s time to let loose with the girls. I for one end up spending a majority of my time during the summer working. Because of that I never end up having to coordinate many outfits except for the occasional night out. My go-to is almost always a crop top and high wasted shorts/jeans/leggings. As for shoes, I almost always choose my Vans or Converse simply because they’re slim, cute, and comfortable in case the night involves a lot of walking. To complete the ensemble, I like to put on one of my dangly belly button rings (which annoy me otherwise) to make the most of the crop top.



Day at the beach

This one is my particularly favorite summer outfit because in my world there’s almost nothing more relaxing than spending the entire day in a bikini. Add on a vibrant kimono to complete the simple outfit for the day of relaxation. If shoes are absolutely necessary, I prefer to don my trusty old Birkenstocks that work for pretty much any occasion. 



Feeling fancy?

It’s never a bad idea to wear a dress in the summer, especially in the midst of all the crazy heat (depending on where you are located). Sundresses are my absolute favorite choice for occasions like this because they feel so casual. At the same time, though, you look kind of fancy all because you put on a chose to put on a dress rather than shorts and a shirt. As for shoes, I usually go with a pair of light sandals. You can even choose some simple earrings or a necklace to go with it all just to keep of the appearance of being fancy.



Dinner with the fam

I don’t know about any of you, but my grandparents are relatively old-fashioned, and I have two giant thigh tattoos. Now they know about the existence of these tattoos, but I prefer to avoid reminding them of those whenever I can. Usually I opt for capris and a semi-conservative shirt when I end up eating with them during the summers. Again, I would choose some classy sandals to complete it.




One of my favorite activities during the summers is hiking. Sadly I don’t often get the chance to go due to my hectic and ever-changing work schedule. I almost always go with a nice pair of workout leggings, even if it’s going to be really hot, just to avoid branches and everything like that. I’ve always found leggings to be much more comfortable than shorts especially for a lot of walking. As for a top, I normally choose a breathable workout tank. If it happens to be an especially sunny hike I sometimes decide to go in just a sports bra. The outfit is complete with a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or running shoes. And don’t forget to stay hydrated!



Well, I hope you enjoyed my list of style ideas! Let me know some of your favorites down in the comments, or if you would have done anything drastically differently.