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gift guide for travelers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Travelers. Over 25 Female Travel Gifts!

The ultimate holiday gift guide for girls who love to travel

I’m always one who prefers to travel instead of buying or receiving gifts. Trips and memories give me so much more. Plus, I already have most everything I could ever want and if I don’t, I usually buy it. So I’m super hard to shop for. That being said, for those people that already have everything, these gifts will WOW them and I promise these are things they’ll actually want!

Check out my list of the top 25 gifts to give the travelers in your life!

zions den leggings

1. Zions Den Leggings

I’m sure you’ve heard that I recently acquired an athletic leisure wear company with Katie from Metal Marvels, called Zions Den Apparel. And if you don’t know….now you know! lol Zions Den Apparel is an all inclusive brand made for everyBODY! We specialize in leggings size XS-4X. We believe that everyone, regardless of size, deserves to be comfortable in what they wear and have options without having to pay more. Our company is run by women made for strong bold independent women. Want to support us even more? Join our FB group here and our VIP group here!


+ Use code VGB20 for 20% OFF your entire order

catch flights not feelings metal marvels gifts for travelers

2. Metal Marvels Bracelets

I love Katie’s brand, Metal Marvels, because it’s For Bold Women Who Break The Mold. She creates cheeky shit for all the women who refuse to live by society’s standards, or in a box someone else created. For women who refuse to be silenced, stand up for what they believe in, and are themselves, unapologetically. Bonus. This bad ass babe is my business partner so you know I believe in her shit!


+ Use code VGB15 for 15% off!

VGB airplane hat travel hat dad hat travel gifts

3. VGB Airplane Travel Dad Hat

Dad hats are coming soon! I’m so pumped about these! They’ll be pink and denim with an airplane on the front! Still deciding if I should put #TravelSquad on the back? So let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I know this is an awful picture but we’ll have new ones up shortly! You can preorder your hat by emailing [email protected]


gold airplane necklace

4. Gold Airplane Necklace

You can grab this one with your initial or a more simple sideways airplane. If you like a more personalized touch the initial is perfect for that. You can also add other charms easily to this necklace.


gold airplane necklace This one is nice because it’s simple and you can choose what length you want your necklace. It also lays flat so the airplane is more visible. Either way this is the perfect gift for frequent travelers.


5. Skyroam Wifi Hotspot

For 24 hour wifi at $9 or less per day and the ability to connect up to 5 devices you’ll definitely want Skyroam on your next trip! On my last trip I didn’t have it and paid $10/day with AT&T for unlimited data and as a travel blogger, I use my phone everyday, so I had to pay an additional $170. My friends did too because they had to sign up for their own plan. Skyroam is only a few dollars cheaper BUT you can connect up to 5 devices and if you’re traveling with someone split the charge! Plus the Skyroam Solis is also a power bank. The perfect 2 in 1.


gifts for travelers

6. Go Pro 6

The GoPro 6 is amazing! I’ve been dying to get one. This gift is perfect for travel bloggers and avid travelers for documenting trips and vacations. But really any Travel Gear and Equipment would be ideal as a frequent traveler.

Need more ideas: Travel cord organizers are great and I’ve always wanted to try the POGO sunglasses cam.


7. Travel Insurance

A traveling must when you’re always on the go. Don’t check the insurance box when you book your ticket. Really get covered and give the gift of protection to the traveler you love. Trust me, they’ll thank you!


travel gifts book gift

8. Books for the plane

I’ve heard kindles are great and all those reading things but I’m a bit old school when it comes to books. I like to have an actual book in my hands. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone or lap top all day so when I take a break I want to be far away from another screen. Here are a few books I’d recommend giving. They are always good conversation starters too when you’re in a busy airport! If they prefer activity books then grab them a sudoku book!


Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck // You Are a Badass // Sodoku

pink pepper spray travel gift9. Pepper Spray + Personal Alarm

Because you never can be too careful. It’s so important as a woman or anyone traveling alone to be protected when they’re wandering around a new city or even exploring their own. Always be safe.


travel map gold scratch off

10. Scratch Off Map

All travelers love to pin point their travels and show off all the destinations they’ve been to. I love my gold scratch off map and scratching off a new place every time I get home! This one is pretty cool because you can scratch off the country flags too! I even have photos from my trips around it that remind me of every single trip! If scratch off isn’t your thing get some gold push pins to mark your travels.


travel gift guide

11. Sleep Masks

Sleep masks are a must when you’re traveling. Not to mention they’re super fun props for hotel photos.


Rainbow Cat Eye // California Dreaming // Fuck Off

que bottle

12. Collapsable Water Bottle

Because hydration is key. Especially when you’re traveling. But bringing a water bottle isn’t always the easiest or space saving and buying bottles of water can add up. So always bring your que bottle with you when you travel. You can also try the hydaway bottle or the nomader.


Rosetta Stone for travel bloggers

13. Rosetta Stone

Everywhere I go I hop on the duolingo app for some basics but I always wish I could sit down and learn another language… or multiple languages. The Rosetta Stone is the prefect gift for travels who crave to be closer to the culture of where they’re visiting.


custom luggage case head case face case

14. Custom face suitcase

Firebox makes the most hilarious suitcase cover ever…YOUR GIANT FACE! This is the perfect secret Santa gift. I kind of want one for myself.


pupsocks gift for pet lovers and travelers

15. Custom pet socks

When you’re traveling away from your pets it can get a little lonely. If you follow my dogs Instagram @VGBdogs you know I love my dos and I miss them a ton when I’m away. Pupsocks are the perfect gift for pet owners who travel! You can create custom socks with your pets face on them….or yours! lol That way you can take your pets with you when you travel!


portable fan

16. iPhone fan

Because when you’re traveling, the temperature changes so much. Walking through airports, sitting on trains and planes, and lugging your suitcase around can get hot so give the gift of air with a portable fan that is powered by your phone.


gold passport cover

17. Gold Passport Cover or a Travel Wallet

Gold accessories are always a good gift especially when they come in the form of passport covers for your favorite friend that has travel on the mind.


Travel wallets are my new favorite thing. Seriously, they’re perfect. You’re able to keep receipts, your passport, money, boarding passes, credit cards, and so much more all in one little organized wallet. This one and this one are my favorites.


Blush // Rose Gold  (but multiple colors are available)


These are also great options that also hold your phone! I love phone cases that also hold cards too!

pill case for travelers

18. Travel Pill Case

I’m not sure about your situation but currently I’m on a lot of pills and vitamins and this was the largest but most space saving pill case I’ve found that has enough room for am and pm pills. There is a slot for your prescriptions, meds, medical contact information, or a note from your doctor so you can travel prepared at all times.


I'm off luggage tag travel female gift

19. Luggage tags

I will always prefer gold, rose gold, or glitter luggage tags, but Gray Malin brought his A game this Christmas season. He has the cutest “getaway” luggage tags that are a mirror image of some of his famous prints. I’m obsessed with my rainbow luggage tag because I’m always game for a little flair! These make the perfect stocking stuffers!


Gray Malin // Glitter (similar for cheaper) // Gold // Will Work For Travel // Rainbow I’m Off

travel patches

 20. Travel patches

Patches and pins have grown on me so much and I love snagging a patch from each place I visit. They’re small and lightweight so they’re easy to bring home or add to an existing bag.


travel blogger gift guide

21. Murad Beauty RESTore Sleep Oral Spray

To help you recover from jet lag. I’d recommend getting this bad boy asap. Take this fast-acting sleep oral spray and wake up energized and refreshed with healthy-looking, glowing skin. This liquid formula delivers key neuro-nutrients for better sleep: GABA and L-Theanine help you de-stress and relax while Melatonin regulates your body’s circadian rhythm, promoting deep, restful sleep.


panty fresh for travelers

22. Panty Fresh

There is no shame in my travel game.  Grab these for yourself for long trips, you’ll thank me later. These also make a great stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life. After a 24 hour travel day you’re going to wish you had Panty Fresh in your purse.



travel gift guide for females

23. Carry all bag

Women can never have enough carry all bags. These zip up bags can carry an array of things and are always great to have on hand when you’re traveling. Plus, I love shit with words on it so anything cheeky or travel specific is my jam.


glitter lap top case

24. Glitter lap top case

I have this case on my lap top now and always get so many compliments and questions about it. Well now, you can get your own or one for a friend! They come in multiple glitter colors, marble, and even holographic!


travel gift guide

25. iOS USB drive for iPhone

Because for a traveler or travel blogger, storage is everything and this little gadget is amazing! It’s an easy way to save everything on your phone so you don’t have to worry about losing data and images when you’re traveling.


Bonustranslating ear piece white

Pilot Translating Earpiece

Something I’m dyyyyyying for and can’t wait until it comes out are the earbuds that translate in real time. Currently they’re only available for preorder but these would make the most baller gift! Gatta love technology!


+ get $35 off

Don’t forget to wrap it!

beyonce best revenge is your paper Christmas wrapping paper

Beyonce Wrapping Paper

It’s lit. Best revenge is your paper! Ugh Beyonce gives me life! This wrapping paper is everything!


gogo gift bag

GOGO Gift Bag

As a fellow entrepreneur I have to support my other boss babes out there killing it! Head to Target or buy this amazing bag that blooms online now! It’s a one stop shop bag that actually includes matching tissue paper so all you have to do is insert your present. You can also follow them on FB here.


I hope everyone has a very happy holiday! Let me know your favorite gift below!   Disclosure: This blog post does contain affiliate links that help support me and my blog at no additional cost to you!