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What you should know before you go to New York Fashion Week

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As someone who loves fashion, attending New York Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine. I really wanted to go last year but it didn’t work out, so when we moved to D.C. and we were only a few hours away from NYC, I knew that I was going to make it happen!




I didn’t even know where to start; it was overwhelming, exciting, exhausting, educational, eye opening, glamorous, unglamorous, and so many other adjectives that I don’t have time to use. You get the idea. It takes a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally and if you think I’m crazy, you’re probably right. But ask anyone and they will tell you I’m right!

So why? Why is NYFW so crazy?

Most things aren’t planned in advance.

Some things are but a lot of the shows, events, and invitations pop up last minute. So if you don’t have things planned in advance, don’t fret. But if you’re a planner like me, this part can be hard to accept.

You’re gone ALL day.

Events can be back to back or you can have gaps but once you leave your “home base” for the day, you most likely aren’t going back until your day is over.

It’s expensive.

The presentations, shows, and events are free but taking a Taxi and Uber everywhere ads up. I spent over $400 in taxi and Uber rides alone. Yes I could have walked (when it wasn’t snowing or raining) but it would have taken a long, long time. And sometimes I didn’t have time between shows. Yes, there’s the subway but when you don’t live in a city, it can be confusing (and overwhelming). SO just prep to spend a lot in transportation, hmm k?

I honestly barely ate when I was there, not on purpose but because I just didn’t have time until the evening. So make sure you have plenty of granola bars, protein bars, etc. and make sure to can eat and drink when you can!

Big egos.

There are a variety of people that attend NYFW; from celebs, to big YouTubers/Bloggers, and everyone in between. There are a lot of different types of people so prepare yourself to be rubbing shoulders with some who are not so friendly and who think they’re the cats meow. Just stay true to yourself and be yourself and let the rest roll off your shoulders.

Don’t doubt yourself.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the glamour and adrenaline rush that come with NYFW.  It can leave you feeling like you’re coming up short in your blog or brand but DO NOT FEEL THAT WAY. We all have something to bring to the table. We are all in different places in our career and lives in general and as easy as it is to do, you cannot compare yourself to others. It will ruin the experience and make you question what you’re doing. So sit back, take it all in, and be proud that you’re there at all. Because that my friends is amazing.

Will I be returning? Absolutely! It’s worth every single minute of it. There’s no natural high like the one you get when the lights go down, the music comes on, and the models start to strut their stuff down the runway. The creative juices and minds are bursting at the seams and it’s nothing short of inspiring.

So what do you think? Would you want to make a trip?! Why or why not?! You can read full daily recaps on The Samantha Show! 


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