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Pairing your Halloween Candy with Wine

By now your coworkers are bringing in all of their left over Halloween candy or there’s just a giant pile on your floor from the kiddos. Or maybe, just maybe, if you were lucky enough, you didn’t have any trick or treaters so you get to eat the Halloween candy you bought. Either way there is Halloween candy all around you and there’s only one thing we love more than candy.

wine and halloween candy pairings

If you guessed wine, you guessed right! Mmmm so to save you dolls some time. We’re pairing our fave candy with what else – wine! So get your TGIT + Thirsty Thursday on in style with a little Grey’s, a little candy, and a lot of wine! I mean how much hell is Meredith about to give Miss Pretty Penny? A lot – don’t cha think?

Now onto the pairings. My dad has been a wine importer for as long as I can remember. I tasted my first wine in 7th grade – needless to say it’s my fave. But I’m not going to pretend to know a ton about wine (I just like to drink it)! I consulted with my dad for his recommendations on pairings. Before he played blogger with me, he laughed in my face and said no one pairs wine with candy. Yeah, he’s a snob. Pshaw. But, this is a real life problem and I needed to solve it! Needless to say, I didn’t have his blessing to write this.

candy and wine pairing



How to Pair Your Halloween Candy

*Stay on the safe side with red wine and chocolate 


Sparkling Red + Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate goes absolute best with a red sparkling wine from Italy think Brachetto. The darker richer chocolates pair best. Dark Hersey’s work well here!


Albarino + Nutty Chocolates
Mr. Goodbar // Peanut M&Ms (a nutty chocolate) – pairs well with an Albarino, a full bodied spanish white wine with hints of apple, pear, and passion fruit. My favorite is Martin Codax.


Cabernet + Plain Milk Chocolate
M&M’s // Hersey’s Kiss – pairs well with a cabernet, bold, big body, balance but acidity / bite. Think of this wine as the balance to your kids candy haul celebration screams.

Zinfandel + Complex Chocolate Bars
Milky Way // Snickers – pairs with a Zin, big red wine, even bigger than cab. Think of this wine like loud and rowdy, maybe how your kids acting as they are sorting candy. Grab a class of Zin to zone out the chaos.

Pinot Noir + Gummy Candies 
Gummy bears // Taffy // Twizzlers // Dots – pairs well with a Pinot Noir, fruity, some structure. My favorite is Love, Oregon!

love oregon wine

Pinot Grigio + Fruity Chewy Candies
Mike n Ikes / Skittles / Starburst – pairs well with Pinot Grigio, lightest of all white wines, so ice cold it taste like ice water, it’s barely a wine.

skittles and white wine halloween candy

Sauvignon Blanc + Crunch/Nuggat Chocolate or Candy Corn
Kit Kat // Crunch Bars // Candy Corn – pairs well with a Sav Blanc since there’s more structure. It’s a dryer crisp white.

Chardonnay + Peanut Butter Chocolate

Butterfingers // Reece’s – pairs well with a Chard, bigger bodied white, wood aging, buttery. Grab a glass of Chardonnay while your kids are trying to butter you up so they can stay up late.

Moscato + Sweet Candy
Pop Rocks // Nerds – pairs well with Moscato, sour with sweet and works as a palate cleanser.

Riesling + Sour Candy
Suckers // Sweet and Sour – pairs with a Sweet Riesling for a nice sweet and sour mix.

Champagne + Light Creamy Chocolate
3 Musketeers – cheers to Champagne and a night of candy! These light chocolate lovely bites pair best with bubbles! I’ll drink to that!

Port + Caramel/Chewy Chocolate
Rolo // Pay Day // Twix // Tootsie Rolls – pairs well with a dessert Port, caramel, raisin, toffee, and nutty notes work well together. Grab a glass of delightful Port and melt away.

Here’s a few of my fave wine accessories.  Especially the plastic gold glitter glasses and the hammer wine stopper.  #nospill And the most perfect white elephant gift are the wine condoms below! haha
halloween candy with wine