5 Surprising Things That Benefit Your Health


How wonderful life would be if we could survive solely on alcohol, junk food, and bad habits?! Well, we have good news for all those who enjoy things that are conventionally considered unhealthy. i.e. All the people in the world! As recent studies have concluded that certain unhealthy habits we occasionally enjoy…

Adult Easter Baskets that are 18 Carrot Gold


Just because you’re not a kid (and some days that’s debatable) doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Easter in style.  Adult Easter Baskets (AEB) are perfect for friends, family, visiting the in laws or boyfriends parents, host/hostess gifts and much more! Because let’s face it… who doesn’t love chocolate!     First, know your…

5 Ways to Nail V-Day Like a Boss


  Check out my eBay guide here!  The so basically basic guide on HOW TO NOT EFF UP VALENTINE’S DAY! If being excited about Valentine’s Day is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! Don’t stress because I’m here to help! You’ve come to the right place.  Don’t want…