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Calling All the Singles in America! Hello?

We’ve all been there before. It’s not you. It’s me. But, really, it’s you. Breaking up is hard to do and for all you singles out there – Match did the hard work and surveyed 5,500 singles across the United States from Politics & Passion to the Power of the Second Date and they are sharing it with us. 

What did we do?  We rented a suite (Rey The Butler included) at The Plaza Hotel in NYC and made it a girls weekend!  Highly recommended. 

Calling All the Singles in America! Hello? girls night at the plaza hotel 
Calling All the Singles in America! Hello? girls night at the plaza hotel
Calling All the Singles in America! Hello? girls night at the plaza hotel
Calling All the Singles in America! Hello? girls night at the plaza hotel
There are some interesting facts and some facts you wouldn’t even think of, so I’m here to share some of Match’s Sixth Annual Study on the Single Population (now kick back with a glass or a bottle of wine and take notes). 

EXES (this should be a fun one to start with):
Post-breakup behavior: Taking the ex out of sex, letting go, and moving on

  • Over 50% of singles believe you have to date more than three months to count someone as an ex, with 32% of women believing you have to date someone for over a year.
  • Around 16% of singles have drunk-dialed an ex, with about half of those doing it two or fewer times.
  • 32% of women have “creeped” on an ex through social media compared to 20% of men. (ha, I think we have a few liars on our hands, tell the truth people – it’s a survey, probably more like 100%. Okay, I am done.)
The First Date Playbook…Recipe For Second Date Fate
Focus on the first dates has far overshadowed the scientific study of the second date – a much more crucial step toward long-term love
  • 59% of men and women do not expect to feel chemistry until the second date.
  • A good discussion on any political issue can boost your chances of a second date by 91%.
  • Less than 20% of men and 23% of women care if a date knows about sports.
  • Only 14% of singles will discuss an ex on a first date.
  • 75% of singles prefer American cuisine on a first dinner date BUT if you want to take a risk, go for sushi! It will boost your chances of a second date by 170%. (WOW!)
  • 50% of men and women think only kissing is appropriate on a ‘good’ first date.
  • 60% of singles prefer to go on a date in the evening.
  • Men expect a first date to cost $68.28 while women think $55.71.  

Now since we have a big political election coming up, Match took some political stats. And we got dressed up for the occasion during our girls night!

The Single Vote
Singles make up more than 1/3 of the U.S. adult population
  • 19% of singles identify as Republican, 40% as Democrat, 15% as Independent, 2% as Libertarians and 24% have no registered political affiliations. 
  • The majority of singles would vote for a candidate who is: single (75%), divorced (64%), is female (78%), or has a successful business background (74%).

Politics, Sex & Dating
Comparing the dating habits and sexual preferences of Republicans and Democrats
  • Individuals who are passionate about political issues have better sex.
  • When is comes to kissing political candidates, older female singles chose Marco Rubio as the most kissable candidate (24%), while millennials are 94% more likely to want to kiss Bernie Sanders.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the Livestream:

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and us, singles can move on from the holiday. It looks like it’s the perfect time to get online….

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