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Our Top 10 BAEsic Halloween Costumes for You and Your Boo

Do you know what’s even worse than being single on Christmas? Quite possibly as bad as Valentine’s Day… being single on Halloween. All I’ve ever wanted was to be able to dress up in a couples Halloween costumes with my boo (get it like boooo I’m a ghost lol). I fantasize about it every year, and every year my costume is subpar because it’s missing the other half. (actually, though my costumes kill it every single year by themselves. NBD *hair flip) so since I’m single, I figure someone might as well benefit from my ever-growing Pinterest board of couples costumes. I’ll probably be going as the song “It’s raining men” from the Studio DIY costume collection. lol

Here are my top 10 Couples Halloween Costumes for You and your Boo

1. Kim Kardashian and a Robber

Too soon? Oops #sorrynotsorry This can easily be done with a silk robe and some duct tape hanging off of you. Have your man wear all black, a ski mask, and hold a bag of diamonds. Bonus points if you do an excellent Kim K crying face!

2. Jim and Pam

Everyone’s favorite office couple. #goals I’m sure you don’t have Pam’s skirt hanging in your closet, but everything else should be pretty simple to recreate. Bonus points if you play pranks throughout the night.

3. Hillary and Donald 

Mark my word this will be THE Halloween costume of this year. Throw some orange paint on your face and boom you’re Donald. I suggest Goodwill for your Hillary pantsuit and kitten heels. Bonus points if you make it in public because let’s be honest- Donald and Hillary kissing is hilarious.  Bonus: Throw in a Snapchat twist and do a face swap! So let him be Hillary and you be Donald!

4. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

Call me beep me if ya wanna reach me!! Guarantee you already have all parts of this costume hanging around your house. This is one of the best Halloween costumes if you’re a redhead! Bonus points if you bring along some sort of little creature as Rufus, your naked mole rat.

5. Ryan Lochte and Brazil Robber

The perfect excuse to force your man into wearing a speedo!! Grab some gold medals and you’re set. Robber costumes are simple, black with a ski mask #duh. Maybe throw in a Brazil t-shirt logo of some sort.  Bonus points if the robber also has a water gun filled with vodka!

6. Napoleon and Deb

To this day-Napoleon, Dynamite is one of my all-time favorite movies. Add Deb into the mix and you’ve got a kick-ass couple. This look is so easy all you need is a fanny pack and a scrunchie. Napoleon can rock some old-school snow boots and you can’t forget the Vote For Pedro shirt! Bonus points if you drink 2% because you think you’re fat. 

7. Stranger Things 

This Netflix phenomenon is all the rage right now so you’re sure to see some adults pretending to be children running around this Halloween. Dustin’s look is super easy to recreate with a baseball hat and graphic tee. Bonus points for blacking out your teeth! To me, Barb has the most Halloween-worthy wardrobe. #throwback

8. Cards Against Humanity

So if you’re a little more crafty- aka not me. You can make yourself a giant set of cards from Cards Against Humanity. You have so much room for creativity here, people!! Yes, the below match-up is cute/creative but there are endless crude options here!!!

9. OJ Simpson and Marsha Clarke

I’m betting that this was a hot costume back in the 90s when it all went down, but now the OJ trial fame is back again. Get a horrible perm and work that pleated skirt-suit. As for OJ- don’t forget your glove!!!

10. Arthur and Buster

So this is my costume for this year… except I have no Buster. #whatever For some reason Arthur has come back and been a hit meme this year and it cracks me up. Big glasses and a yellow sweater are all you need to achieve this childhood favorite. Bonus points if you are the Buster to my Arthur!!!!!

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What are you going as for Halloween?