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DIY // Spooky Black Cat Pumpkin

cat pumpkin halloween


It’s not Halloween until you carve a pumpkin. This spooky black cat was inspired by the cheshire cat and the fish was added for fun, along with some fake spiders and a “mouse” (don’t worry, no animals were harmed).


  • Pumpkin
  • Carving tools (or just use kitchen utensils)
  • Pen
  • Tea Light
  • Black Acrylic Paint (.99 cents here)
  • Skewers
  • Toothpicks
  • Silver or grey paint for the whiskers (and if you want to add dimension to the ears)
  • Paint Brush
  • Fish (if you want)
  • Plastic Critters (if you want)




Step 1: 


Draw an outline of a cat with a pen. You can hand draw this or print out a outline.


Step 2:


Gut the pumpkin and carve along the drawn out lines. The teeth take some precision and time. Make sure to make the opening of the pumpkin big enough for the fish bowl to fit in the pumpkin and make the mouth big enough to see the fish. Save some of the pumpkin from the mouth to cut out to make ears and a tail.


Step 3:


Paint the pumpkin, ears and the tail black (or whatever color your heart desires). Paint the skewers. 



Step 4:


Once the pumpkin is dry, attached the ears and tail with toothpick. Push the painted skewers into the pumpkin for the whiskers.


Step 4:


Add the fish bowl to the pumpkin and if you want to have fun, add some plastic spiders and critters to make it look like the cat ate these things. Add a tea light to brighten up the inside of the pumpkin. 


Step 5:


Last but not least, add a fish. (I did this for a pumpkin carving contest so the fish wasn’t in their long, but it should just fine)


Happy Halloween!  Now time to party!!

halloween party


halloween party


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