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Memorial Day Weekend Fun

So much fun!  Hard getting back to work.  What did everyone do?  Most everyone in the South heads to the lake or river for some sun… which is… you guessed it… exactly what I did.

My puppy and I went down to the river and played a little too long which ended up in me getting a little too much sun and a not so fun tan line. But she had so much fun!

On Memorial Day my bestie and I went to the Beltline which is a super fun bike trail in Atlanta!  You can stop off at different parks and bars!  It was super hot but so fun. Plus there is some amazing art/graffiti to look at.  

Piedmont Park

Skate Park

Stormy skys… just missing the rain.

End of the trail 


If you’re ever in Atlanta I definitely suggest checking it out!

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