play time

Hartley Bear turns 6


My sweet little perfect angle of a fur baby turned 6 this week! And what do you do when your pupster turns 6 you ask?  Why throw the most amazing doggy bark day party ever!!! Balloons, treats, family and friends, pictures, burger cake, and doggy play mates!  Hartley bear had…

Memorial Day Weekend Fun


So much fun!  Hard getting back to work.  What did everyone do?  Most everyone in the South heads to the lake or river for some sun… which is… you guessed it… exactly what I did. My puppy and I went down to the river and played a little too long…

Jet Setting… Part 2. Back at Home


If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling for work… if you follow me just in blog world… you probably haven’t seen much of me lately.  But I’m back.  And sharing my travels and traveling experiences with you!  If I summed it all up…