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My puppy stole my monogrammed necklace!

It’s no surprise that in the South monograming EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING is so popular! Like really really really popular!  And I’ve had some baaaaaaad experiences with monogramming companies in the past with my orders taking forever or just never showing up.  So I’m really really reallaaayyy lucky to have found Marley Lilly!  They have anything and everything you could ever want monogrammed and it’s quick and easy!  My new favorite and so dependable!  
Now monograming being so huge I wanted to do something different besides just my initials so I decided to bang out my twitter and instagram handle on one of their famous gold plated necklaces and I LOVE IT!!! 
So if you’re not following me yet on Instagram or Twitter you should!  Hartley and Runner say so {the puppies}!  Oh and check out Marley Lilly on twitter HERE!
My necklace is so popular even Hartley tried to steal it away from my super cute puppy photo shoot! 
This little gem is under $30 and you can make your own and see more HERE!

Hartley needs a manicure
It’s my turn to wear it!

Peace, Love, and Monograms, from Marley Lilly!

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