Six Museums to See Before You Die


Michelangelo. Rembrandt. Da Vinci. These men all created artistic legacies that lingered long after they were gone. In fact, some of their famed works still anchor museums around the world alongside other iconic paintings and sculptures. From New York City to St. Petersburg, the cities that play host to these…

Memorial Day Weekend Fun


So much fun!  Hard getting back to work.  What did everyone do?  Most everyone in the South heads to the lake or river for some sun… which is… you guessed it… exactly what I did. My puppy and I went down to the river and played a little too long…

Gossip Girl: Prada Marfa, Valentine, Texas


Do y’all remember The Prada Marfa sign in Gossip Girl?  Who doesn’t! I was obsessed! Well, now you know where that arrow was pointing. I’m ordering this sign right now and I need your help.  Should I get the LARGE canvas, LARGE print and frame it myself or get the…