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Lip Sync Battle is Life

If you missed the Lip Sync Battle last night you seriously missed out because that shit was hilarious!!! 
The premier starts off with Jimmy Fallon and THE Rock in an epic battle hosted by LL Cool J. (remember him? flashback to the 90s – yeah he’s on NCIS but it’s cool to have him around music.  They are promoting the show with clips of “Mama Said Knock You Out” an epic throwback and nod to LL… because… don’t call it a comeback!)  




To see THE Rock hopping around to “Tay Tay’s” Shake it Off seriously made my week!  #inlove  Get ready to laugh!  












I mean the idea coming from Jimmy Fallon’s talk show sketch mad props bro because it’s on point.  Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart were my OG lip sync battle favorites!  “You can never unsee that!”  Memories folks…. memories.  If you’re not crying, cheering, laughing, or singing along… you’re not human.  What I wouldn’t give to go out with the 3 of them!  #callmemaybe? 



















When I saw John Legend doing MC Hammer I almost died!  Anyone up for karaoke? 


This is my new favorite show!!!  Who else is watching?  What was your favorite song? Who did you think should have won?  Personally I was voting for Legend and The Rock all the way!! 



Come harass me on instagram (that’s where our parties at) and let’s talk allll about it…. because this selfie is my jam!