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What Can We Learn From Paris Hilton?


Famous women have been around since being ‘famous’ became a thing. However, it’s arguable that Paris Hilton was the first socialite in the way that we think of them today! These days it’s all about the Kardashians and the Jenners, but as Kim actually got her start as a friend of Ms. Hilton, there’s NO WAY we should be writing her off. Here are just a few of the things you can learn from Paris Hilton!

paris hilton

How To Enjoy A Girls’ Weekend

Paris Hilton is always surrounded by a ton of other women,
some of those who are famous, and those who will be famous in time! It’s no
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How To Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

Paris Hilton appeared in the 2005 horror hit ‘House Of Wax’
at the height of her fame. Spoiler alert: her character died! In all
honesty, it showed that she was up for a laugh and it
seems from this interview
 that she really went all out to make the
scene just right for the film. Nice job, Paris!

How To Brand Yourself

As a hotel heiress, there’s no denying that Paris was born
into money, and, as every socialite knows, money equates to good looks, fame
and lots of frivolous fun. However, she’s actually pretty entrepreneurial and
actually perfected the whole ‘person as a brand’ thing before many others.
Appearing in fun TV shows to appeal to young girls, magazine appearances and
club outings to appeal to the social climbers, she’s a woman with a vast
overall appeal and it’s made her the success story off her own back that she is
today. It is an impressive feat and one that should be given the full respect
it deserves.
Paris Hilton is a lot of fun and she knows how to let
her hair down in a way that many of us have forgotten. We may not have her
money, and we may have more responsibilities, but from time to time, we can
take a leaf out of her book.