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erbal Gold Blog Book Review of The Light Between Oceans

The Light Between Oceans Book Review

erbal Gold Blog Book Review of The Light Between Oceans


Author: M. L. Stedman

My Brief Summary

Based out of Australia, this novel digs deep into the emotions of a couple that is isolated from the public eye trying to live a life full of love. Tom and Isabel Sherbourne live on Janis Rock, Australia located a day’s trip from the nearest coast. Tom is a lighthouse keeper who takes pride in his work by keeping meticulous records and being an honorable light keeper. Isabel is his passionate wife who lives for the people she loves, and accompanies Tom and shares his lighthouse keeper’s life with pride.

After years on the island as a married couple, the two have had to overcome tragedy many times. Isabel has had two miscarriages and suffered through a still-birth. It is hard for them to cope and handle the devastating events, but they cling onto their love for each other and their Faith in God.

On a miraculous day for Isabel, and a terrifying soul wrenching day for Tom, a boat washes up on their shore. A perfectly healthy baby girl is on board with a deceased man. They rescue the new born baby girl from the row boat and respectfully bury the deceased man, whom they only can assume is the child’s parent. Completely secluded, and Isabel’s heart filled with hope that her prayers have been answered they begin to raise the baby as if she was their own. They name her Lucy Sherbourne.

Being a light keeper, it is imperative to have full disclosure and honesty for what happens on your island. Anything that comes to shore, must be documented. Much to Tom’s dismay and disapproval, he finally gives in to his wife who he has watched suffer so many times after losing her children. He agrees to keep the miracle baby and raise her because he knew the chances of her mother’s survival was slim to none. He knew that they could raise, love and protect a child that was the sole survivor of the treacherous ocean. Tom’s morals and values were being stretched to their limits, only to please his wife that he loved more than anything.

Fast forward two years later, the Sherbournes return to the mainland for a visit. By a twist of faith, they realize that there are other people in the world. One in particular, is a woman named Hannah who lost her husband and newborn baby girl to the sea. It’s a small world and the decisions we make effect not only ourselves but others. Some call it the butterfly effect.


My Book Review

Verbal Gold Blog Book Review, The Light Between Oceans

I must say, I read All The Light We Cannot See and adored that book. This book came recommended on a book shelf that said the familiar phrase. “If you liked this…you should read that.” Just keep moving, and browsing along because that my friends, is not a correct statement. It took me 4 months to get through this book. I’m not even exaggerating here. My boyfriend told me last night, “You’ve been reading that book since I met you!” For a book-a-week reader, well that was embarrassing. Ady told me, give it up, just write to your readers that you couldn’t get through it! Well, I pushed my way through it because my Type A personality refuses to let me leave anything unfinished. Ever. (Believe me, that’s not a good trait.)

About 250 pages in, it finally got to the point where I was actually interested in what was going to happen. After 30 chapters on a baby washing to shore, and a couple raising that baby, you start to wonder why this book was made into a major motion picture? This book was on the New York Time’s Best Seller List for goodness sake! SOMETHING PLEASE HAPPEN! 4 months of putting off other books that I am dying to read, for the love of God, make your move M.L. Stedman. Prove me wrong.

The last few chapters of this book is really where the story unfolds. Reality sets in for both families and hard decisions, regret, revenge, and all the good stuff that makes the plot thicken begin to finally happen! The lines between right and wrong begin to get fuzzy. You aren’t sure whose side you are on. Then you begin to try and put yourself in each characters situation and pretend like you would know how you would react or solve a problem. Who comes first, husband or child? How far would you go to protect something that you truly believed belonged to you? Would you rip your family apart for your strong morals and values? All these questions and so many gut wrenching decisions have to be answered for each character in this book.

Final Thoughts

I don’t recommend this book. It wasn’t for me, and based on our target audiences, I doubt it will be for you either. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but Rachel Weisz and Micahel Fassbender play the main characters. I’m sure they hold their own and it can’t take 4 months to get through a movie. If you happen to still be interested, my advice is to rent it. The previews actually looked entertaining. As for the book, save your money.

I really hope my next book pick in on point! It is call “in a dark, dark wood” by Ruth Ware. Be on the look out for it’s review!

Book Rating: 1.5/5 Gold Bars