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The Light Between Oceans Book Review


  Author: M. L. Stedman My Brief Summary Based out of Australia, this novel digs deep into the emotions of a couple that is isolated from the public eye trying to live a life full of love. Tom and Isabel Sherbourne live on Janis Rock, Australia located a day’s trip from the…

In Case You Forgot, You Are A Badass


I think we can all agree this year has been a crazy one, right? For me personally, it’s been a year filled with lots of change and emotional highs and lows. There were so many days I definitely did not feel like a badass. During these times there were several places…

girl on the train book review

Book Review // The Girl on the Train


The Girl on the Train Author: Paula Hawkins VGB Rating: 3/4 Gold Bars   Summary   “The Girl on the Train” is a New York Times Bestseller that is gaining more and more popularity due to it’s theatrical release coming this October. Rachel Watson lives in a downscale suburbia apartment…

summer reading list

25 Books to Read This Summer


**pin and save for later** I have huge plans for this summer (after rereading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time because it has been far too long since I have taken on that challenge). All of those plans include books and lounging in my ENO hammock for days…

Book Review // Me Before You


[fusion_text]Me Before You is about Louisa “Lou” Clark, a young, vibrant, unique woman living in a small town in the U.K. She has a common life and an ordinary job which suits her perfectly. After being laid off from her job she must find another quickly to keep the income…

The Martian Book Review


    The Martian Science Fiction     Author: Andy Weir   About the book:    Mark Watney, astronaut, sets out on an epic journey to explore Mars with his fellow crew mates. When a fierce sandstorm causes chaos, he is presumed dead by his team and left behind. Injured,…