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Kickstart your summer body with SkinnyMint Teatox!

Kickstart your summer body with SkinnyMint Teatox!

I try to do a detox every few months just to restart my body and kickstart my health routine when I’m trying to get back on track.  April is my Birthday month and I wanted to feel better and lighter in time for my Birthday! So I called up my besties, our VGBsquad obvi, to take the journey with me! Our squad loves to stay healthy together! I found SkinnyMint Teatox and bonus, it comes in a Besties Pack, so you can take the Tea Detox Journey together for a healthier, happier YOU!  It’s so nice to share the motivation with your besties to kickstart the best month – and save money.

My favorite way to kickstart the best month ever!

skinny mint tea blogger
Photo by: Chelsea Hyatt Photography
skinny mint tea fitness health
Photo by: Chelsea Hyatt Photography

skinny mint tea fitness health

skinny mint tea fitness health

SkinnyMint Ultimate Teatox – The Original Tea Detox Review

I opted for SkinnyMint Teatox because it’s designed to increase energy and naturally cleanse the body.  I love drinking tea in the morning and before bed anyways so I knew it’d be perfect for me. With all natural ingredients, free delivery, and a bestie two pack option I was pumped to get started! It’s super easy to make. I keep things pretty simple around my house and just used my Keurig hot water option and my favorite cute mug! Feel free to add a little bit of honey or fresh lemon!

The tea detox program is completed in 28 Days in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Drink the Morning Boost each morning for 28 days. Kick start your day with a boost of energy! Combination of high performing ingredients designed to make you feel amazing. It tastes fresh, fruity and delicious. The main ingredients include: Green tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana but I like to add a little bit of fresh lemon in my tea.

Step 2: Every second evening drink the Night Cleanse Tea. Designed to naturally cleanse the body and calm the mind. It is uniquely formulated as the perfect night-time ritual in your detox program. It contains natural cleansing ingredients and soothing elements to naturally detox the body. The main ingredients include Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium husk.

skinnymint teatox health and fitness detox

Honestly, I can get away with drinking it every night because it kind of becomes routine for me and I enjoy it. I love feeling less bloated and lighter. Even before SkinnyMint wanted to work with us I’ve been drinking their teatox. I originally saw it on Instagram, probably from the Kardashians using it, and decided to give it a try. Unlike other detox products it actually tastes good and it’s not a pain to drink or incorporate into your regular routine. It’s the easiest detox from start to finish, which is why we recommend starting it first to kickstart your summer body.

I loved that I was able to complete the SkinnyMint Teatox with my #VGBsquad! It helped us make a conscious effort to make better choices during the 28 days! We cut down on caffeine intake, sugar, ate more greens, and worked out together every week! It was so much fun, especially since we were able to maintain our energy from the morning boost! We can’t wait for festival season!

SkinnyMint Teatox is highly effective. If you’re looking to detox your body and reach your health goals, I highly recommend trying the SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Program. It’s the easies detox program out there. It is expertly formulated with all natural high-performing ingredients that are designed to increase energy and naturally cleanse the body. I don’t know about you but when I usually detox I struggle because of the lack of energy so I was pleasantly surprised that I retained my energy level throughout the day without craving sugar and carbs.

It’s really a must for kickstarting an amazing month and I hope it helps you refresh and restart too!  I’ll be continuing this regimen for the rest of the summer because I love the way SkinnyMint Teatox makes me feel! Try it and let me know what you think!


skinnymint teatox health and fitness detox

skinny mint teatox health fitness

This post was sponsored by Skinny Mint Teatox but all opinions are my own.

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