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How to score as team “Mom”

Nowadays its not just about being a hit as a little league team mom. These days our big boys are playing ball too! So when I say Team “Mom”, I mean Team Girlfriend, Team Bae, and Team Wifey too! I’m not talking about pro teams either. I’m talking about college sports, summer ball, and rec teams like slow pitch mens softball. Personally, I would only do this for men only teams and skip the co-ed kickball leagues. 
With all these men around I wanted to share how to get a hit and be a hit! Here are the top 3 pitches that will make you a hit! And yes covered and smothered with cheesy baseball references. 
1: Go to the games! Definitely the easiest way to strike out is not going in the first place. (You don’t have to go every week if you’re not mom status but attending is a plus). Bonus, games are pet friendly and will score you some bonus points! 
2: Score big with snacks! I’m talking big league chew, double bubble, sunflower seeds, evian water spray, gatorade, vitamin water, bottle water, beer, apples, clementines + hit a grand slam with winning cigars (championship games only). You can even take your guy(s) back with popsicles and capri suns on Thursday games! 

3: Cheer on the team! Bring a sign and for college games, the bigger the better!! (If you’re a real mom this is reverse for you. Do NOT bring any signs, bells, horns, buttons, iron on t-shirts or bags!) 
I know with these 3 hits you’re sure to win #BestTeamMomEver! Go fashionably of course with our game day picks! 
               xoxo Ady