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How To Increase Your IG Story Views During Quarantine

Wondering how to keep your Instagram game strong during Coronavirus? Here's one easy way to increase your Instagram story views during quarantine! #Instagram

What To Post At Home

The likelihood you’re in a 14+ day quarantine is pretty likely right now as Covid19 is sweeping the country. But I won’t be depressing here because this is a time you can be productive. Everyone keeps asking what to post but the key is to actually post. You can post about the coronavirus, definitely don’t ignore the situation. However, you should also post your life at home, behind the scenes, family fun, what you’re watching, a live q&a, lives, DJ lives, creative things you’re doing, art, activities with your kids, reading time, etc. I mean I get it, life is consuming if you have kids because you’re now their teacher and coach too. I understand because I have an 8-month-old at home and have been trying to write this blog post for 3 days. It’s virtually impossible. But your content right now doesn’t have to be perfect. Just post that you’re home. Even IG is pushing to have you post that you’re at home. Virtually no one is utilizing this feature so get in now.

stay home quarantine

The Benefit of Stay Home Instagram Stories

It’s a great way to build your relationship with your audience, increase traffic to your feed or website, boost your engagement rate and reach new people that don’t usually see your stories. There is HUGE potential so capitalize on it. In the last 3 days, my story views have gone up by 15,000. Some stories are up 5,000 and some are up more. It always varies but regardless, I know it’s new people that wouldn’t have seen my stories otherwise. Make them count. Everyone I’ve asked that’s using the “Stay Home” feature has said their views have gone up 10x!

*still bitter my music feature is gone

How To Use The New Stay Home Feature

It’s a new Instagram feature. Select the square block smiley to open the features. The “Stay Home” graphic should be located in the top left. If it’s not there, simply update your app.

Use your story feature as usual. When you’re done creating your story, simply add the “Stay Home” graphic to your story. You can tap the graphic to change it to the smaller heart logo as well.

Where Your IG Story Will Now Show Up

Welcome to the front of the line. The “Stay Home” story will be shown as the first highlight circle in the story reel at the top of IG. Since people are very curious about what people are doing at home, and it’s the first one shown to them, they will watch those highlights first. The only time it moves positions is to go behind “lives”.

outfits linked here

Lounge sets linked here

Tiktok in the wild

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Wondering how to increase your Instagram story views? If you're serious about your Instagram game, here are all the things I did to increase my IG story views in one day! #Instagram

If you're serious about your Instagram strategy for your blog, brand, or business, here are all the things I did to explode IG story views in one day! #Instagram

Not sure what to share on your Instagram during Covid19? On this post, I share a few ideas on what to post and what to not post during the coronavirus outbreak to make sure you keep your Instagram followers engaged. #Instagram