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It’s time to course correct

Kait and I were so excited to not only open My Resource Shop but also help the thousands of students inside our subscription service. Unfortunately, PayPal shut down our payment method and stole all of our money.

It’s time to Course Correct.

“60 years after Miller Brewing opened its doors, along came prohibition. During prohibition, Miller Brewing didn’t give up. They started looking for new ways to expand and produce new products like soda, malted beverages, and nonalcoholic beer. Changed their name to Miller Products Company and clung to life during a super shaky time.

They were a company that sold alcohol, and alcohol became illegal.

They had 3 choices. Break the law, admit defeat, or course correct.

All you need to know is that if you desire something it is available to you. Keeping that desire alive and more real than all the signs that it’s time to throw in the towel eventually leads to success. Remember, it’s not your job to know how, that’s up to universal intelligence. Surrender is such a vital part of being tenacious. Tenacity is not about pushing so hard you push away the very thing you’re trying to achieve. It’s determined action paired with availability for the new previously untaken paths that lead you where you desire to go.

Staying the course involves some bends in the road. Being stubborn, and refusing to go with the flow will leave you in a ditch with an air bag exploded in your face.

Never give up. Course correct when necessary. And have faith that if you have the desire, the universe has your back.”

We all know the end for Miller Brewing. They made it and so will I.

When one door closes another one opens.

I desperately needed these words by @jensincero and cried some positive happy tears after hearing them. I always have hope and tenacity and determination but damn does it help to read and listen to people who’ve already been through it. 🙌🏼

Just know that everyone who has succeeded has probably failed also or had some hiccups in the road. It just means it’s time to course correct.

Here we go…

This was me last year

Moving forward.

Thank You! I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone for your texts, calls, messages, and support to get me through the @paypal drama (which still isn’t resolved because they’re the worst).

I spent this weekend with my head down trying to contact everyone who had purchased My Resource Shop and @influencerfastpass to make the switch away from PayPal but needless to say- it’s a lot. If that’s you- Please reach out to me or check your email.

This is hard but we can do hard things. ❤️

Doing my best to work through this. As @mikethesituation says, “The comeback is always better than the setback.”✌🏼

I hope you’ll all come check out our new business and product here!

Photo by @morganhayesphotos.