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The 6 Best Apps for a Girls’ Night Out

When life gets hectic and you feel overwhelmed, the best medicine is often a night of bonding with your closest female friends. Keep these apps in mind to make your next girls’ night memorable and engaging for everyone!

1. Girls Night

Despite the lack of a unique name, this app features downloadable packs of games for different kinds of events. Maybe you’re just having a girls’ night to catch up with friends, but perhaps you’re all getting together for a bachelorette party or baby shower.

In any case, this app features icebreakers and other games to help everyone relax and enjoy the fun of the evening.

(Free for Android — with available in-app purchases for $2.99-$6.99)

2. BarChick

When planning a girls’ night, you might not be in the mood for going to your old stand-by bar. In those cases, look no further than the BarChick app. It features curated content about the best bars in an area, thereby steering you in the right direction to kickstart a night of mayhem with your mates.

It’s worth mentioning that this app is ideal for people who want to welcome the night with enthusiasm by dancing, flirting and momentarily ignoring inhibitions. It’s not for times when you and your friends are ready for a quiet night of reflection and chat — but then again, that’s not typical for girls’ nights!

(Free for iOS and Android)

3. Companion

You and your pals might not stick together during the gallivanting associated with a girls’ night out, depending on how things unfold. If one person hits it off with an attractive, single patron, she might not be as eager as the others in the group to head to the next destination.

Or, there’s always the chance one of the girls could decide to head home earlier than the rest, voluntarily separating herself from the rest of the pack.

The Companion app prioritizes safety for people who aren’t in groups. It allows a user to set up designated individuals to receive notifications when they get home safely and gives live location-tracking updates, as well. There’s also a feature that summons the police to assist in emergency situations.

(Free for iOS)

4. OpenTable

Having difficulty finding a place to eat puts a damper on girls’ nights, so most people organizing them make table reservations. OpenTable is a fantastic app for simplifying the reservation process.

Besides showing you dining options in cities throughout the United States, it has choices to help you eat around the world. If your girls’ night is part of a well-planned trip to a dream destination, you can eat out in style and treat your taste buds — without worrying the restaurant might not have a table to accommodate your group.

(Free for iOS and Android)

5. Drunk Mode

The attendees of your girls’ night might collectively become so rambunctious and woozy from a few too many beverages that no one can remember what went on during the wee hours.

This multi-function app helps fill in some of the blanks, plus keeps users safe and free from morning-after regrets.

There’s a call-blocking feature that bars people from drunk dialing their exes, bosses or others who don’t appreciate early-morning phone calls from nearly incoherent smartphone owners. By using the Breadcrumbs setting, it’s possible to retrace your steps, which is helpful if you or anyone else lose something during the festivities.

Also, the Find My Drunk feature lets people locate lost friends who got a bit too tipsy and can’t explain where they are.

Browse the Hotspots content to view heatmaps of places in your area primarily populated with partygoers. The app even shows the girl-to-guy ratio, which could help people who are single and wanting to check out the prospects.

(Free for iOS and Android. Available in-app purchases are $0.99 each)

6. Curb

Uber might be the most convenient way to take a safe journey home after your girls’ night. But, due to the company’s extensive history of misogyny and sexual harassment, it’s understandable if it’s not your top preference among transportation providers.

Curb is another handy solution that helps you find taxis across the United States. In addition to using the mobile app, you can book taxis online before heading out and schedule them according to your needs.

Then, you should avoid the dreaded period after a fun night out when all you want to do is get home quickly, take off your shoes and pop a couple of painkillers to hold off a hangover headache.

(Free for iOS and Android)

Start Planning an Unforgettable Get-Together

Get set for your next girls’ night out by considering these apps to make your experiences more enjoyable and convenient. They should reduce hassles and keep everyone ready to seize the moment and enjoy each other’s company!