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How To Host A Girls’ Night For Under $25

 Wondering how to throw a fun girls night party on the cheap? If you want to have a fun night with your girlfriends without breaking the bank, here's how to DIY a killer party on a budget!

Hosting a girls’ night is such a fabulous way to get out and have some fun with your girls! It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out of the home for your girls night or staying at home, girls night is a great way to relax and let loose with girls you adore!

Have fun catching up and socializing with your best girlfriends with this how-to host a girls night for under $25 guide. I’ll show you how you can enjoy a fabulous evening of fun, laughter, and joy with your best friends this month.

How to Host a Girls Night For Under $25

Decide on a Location

The first step to hosting a girls’ night is to decide on a location. Figure out where you want to host this girls’ night. You can opt to host this evening at a local diner or restaurant or pick one of your favorite girlfriend’s house. Make a final decision based on a vote of everyone so that it’s agreed upon by every friend before you start planning your girls’ night.

Bring Wine

Have each friend bring a bottle of wine so that you can play a fun girl’s night game of guess that wine. The wine should be brought to a girls’ night in a bag so that no one can see what type of wine each guest brought. Create cards for each guest so that the girls can try to guess which wine is in each bag. The person who bought the wine may give clues, but cannot give any clues that say white or red wine for hours of fun during your girls’ night for under $25.

Wine is the best drink for a girls night

Keep It Casual

Remember that this evening is all about you detaching from the real world to relax among girlfriends. Don’t try to overdo the girls’ night with some fancy over the top ideas. Keep the event casual and low-key. Encourage guests to come wearing their most comfortable clothes, and bring a hostess gift under $25 so that there’s a spending cap per guest. Keeping it casual will allow each of you to truly enjoy this girls’ night out and get the most out of your time together.

Make Conversation Cards

Create some conversation cards that will feature questions that guests can ask each other, sort of like a truth or dare game. Enjoy hours of laughter and fun as you learn something new about your best girlfriends. The conversation cards can be turned into a game where the person who answers the most questions or has the most outrageous answer can win some small gift that’s under $25.

Have Guest Gifts

That brings me to the next topic, collect some gift ideas for guests to receive during your girls’ night adventure. The guest gifts could be small gift cards for a favorite store, cash prizes, and buckets of spa treatments for at-home spoiling. The ideas of guest gifts will truly depend on what your girlfriends may like best and they should be something that encourages your girlfriends to enjoy life regularly and find ways to relax at home.

Throwing a girls night for under $25 isn't hard if you get creative!

When it comes to hosting a girls’ night for under $25 it’s all about keeping it simple and focusing on quality time together. This event isn’t about getting all dolled up or going out for a night on the town, it’s more about spending time with your favorite people while you relax and let go of adult stressors to have a blast together.

What are some other ideas to throw a girls’ night on the cheap?

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