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I’m a little behind in blog world posting about life because I’ve been having so much fun living it or being drunk.  One or the other.  hah So let’s consider this a flashback Friday.

Last week was my Dirty 30.  For all you younger #goldiefoxes out there that’s code for 30th Birthday!  Yowza.  (only someone who is 30 can say yowza)

You saw my getting ready posts about the perfect spray tan, flash tats, and my favorite eyelash extensions on the blog last week.  And I will tell you … eyelash extensions at the beach are a MUST!  If your drunk ass doesn’t want black mascara running down your face the entire weekend while you’re getting your tan on at the beach, getting dominated by ocean waves whilst trying to tinkle, in the middle of champagne showers, avoiding beer foam spraying out of the funnel, or trying to eat a hamburger in the middle of an Alabama hurricane.  Waterproof just won’t cut it.  Real talk.  Trust.

I packed up my best friends, college buddies, my co-blogger from the West Coast, and boyfriend and headed to the dirtiest party I could think of (besides Club LaVilla in Panama City of course)…. MULLET TOSS!  Which is at FloraBama! (Orange Beach, Alabama & Pensacola, Florida)

yup our crew made the paper #bigtime

Mullet Toss is where people line up to throw a fish over the state line from Florida to Alabama.  Yes this is real life.  Welcome to the South!




Has anyone ever been? 
If not… this is what it looks like.  


Basically insanity on the beach.  Surrounded by 100,000 of your closest friends and drinking buddies to party from Friday – Sunday sun up to sun down.  Drink of choice is one of two options.  Funneling beer out of some high rise, 3 way, shot plus, contraption made by some frat boys or a bushwhacker.  


Either way, you’re doomed.  And at 30… doomed comes a little sooner in the day.  

Glitter bombs from fanny packs and alligator rides are a must!


The Dream Team


Mullet Toss since 1985 (30 just like me)!!



Inside the FloraBama “bra room”


Peace out 20s

#ThisIs30 seemed to be the theme of the weekend whenever I wanted to cash out, looked rough, knew it was bed time, just wanted to chill by the dock, fish, or would rather have been in bed watching Bruce Jenner become a woman eating a nice dinner instead of raging at the beach.  Boy how times have changed.  Cha cha cha chhhhaaannngges.  


But we had a pretty sick house if I do say so myself.  The perfect set up.  




sword fights


Side bar: Mingo the Flamingo float did not like being a kept lady and flew away down the channel every chance she got.  She’s a free bird now!  I was only able to make one rescue attempt successfully!

It was right on the inter coastal so we had our own dock for fishing and private swimming pool.  



I had to book the house a year in advance since we had to find one big enough to sleep 15 people which ended up being more like 25 – 30.  The more the merrier in my book.  


We even had a BP in front of our house for those late night gas station runs.  Perfect!

I think my favorite part of the whole weekend was the cake fight I arranged with Andrea McDaniel Photography.  She is great by the way!  I had it all planned that we would all have a fun cake fight and take some cute pictures but little did I know the plan had changed and all of a sudden I was the target.  



Cake, silly string, and champagne showers ended my Dirty 30 weekend getting dirty in style!  So cheers because #THISIS30

Don’t forget to take home your party favors from yours truly!  (you can get all of these from Etsy but drop me a comment if you want more info!)






That’s a wrap!  Ady out.