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boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot

Why you should have a boudoir session + 8 tips to rock your photoshoot

boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot

When you think of boudoir sessions what do you think of? What comes to mind? For me, I thought about the nudity (in front of someone else), high heels, and lacy risqué lingerie came to mind along with a ton of insecurities. Luckily, I’m fortunate enough to be really good friends with a bomb photographer who talked me off the ledge and showed me what I could actually expect. I’m super comfortable with Jennifer behind the lens. She has this way of making you feel like a bombshell and uber comfortable. Not only that but she gets it done quick! I’m not a fan of long photoshoots or pictures in general mainly because I like to lay around without a full face of makeup on.

Jennifer also travels which was awesome because I brought her ass to Paris so fast! There’s no one I’d rather shoot with. Plus, we did have a balcony room at the nicest hotel in Paris and to not utilize those views would be a missed opportunity. And when she presented it as a once in a lifetime shoot (because I’m not paying for that room ever again), I had to say yes!

I have to admit, I’m so glad I did it because I love the pictures!! I think I may even pull a Kourt K move and blow one up for my room. The entire experience was so amazing and I definitely think everyone should get their pictures taken looking HOT AF at least once in your lifetime!

I had a Parisian makeup artist I found on Instagram, Zinchuk Makeup, come to our hotel suite and do my makeup and thanks to her and my French lace gowns from Sarafina Dreams I felt so beautiful. I liked that I could still be covered and keep it classy while still feeling sexy.

boudoir photography

I recommend checking out a few pinterest boards, like this one, and getting some inspiration. I found a few shots on Instagram that I loved and used as my inspo. The ones above were my favorite and I definitely drew a lot of ideas from their pictures.

If you’re unsure if a boudoir shoot is right for you, reach out to Jennifer, or whatever photographer you use to talk you through it. They have a ton of tips and advice to help you feel totally relaxed! They are professionals. I’ll let my photographer Jennifer Oetting take over from here to share her expertise and give you some professional tips!

boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot


Here are a few boudoir tips from my photographer Jennifer Oetting Photography

1. Anyone can do it

Anyone can do a boudoir shoot-single, married, etc! You do not have to be in a relationship to do a boudoir shoot! Do it for yourself to look back on one day and remind yourself how much of a billy bad ass you are.

2. Confidence is sexy 

If you do happen to be in a relationship, a boudoir session makes a great gift! BELIEVE ME your boyfriend (or girlfriend, hubby, wife, partner, etc) loves every curve of your body, that’s why they are YOUR significant other! Don’t be self conscious and don’t be nervous! Confidence is the sexiest thing in the world, so come into your shoot believing you are Beyoncé and I swear with my help you will look and feel like her in your photos!

3. Don’t be nervous

If you are a little nervous, that’s ok girl, you’re naked, so it’s expected. A little liquid courage (like 1-2 drinks, sloppy ain’t sexy) is a good way to loosen up, also feel free to bring a friend if you need a hype man and I’ll bring the tunes.

4. Strike a pose 

Don’t know how the eff to pose yourself because you are in fact not Kate Moss? That’s cool, I got you boo, that’s my job! Be prepared to feel like you did an hour long soul cycle class when I get done with you because posing in heels holding your breath with your back arched to hell is no joke. But trust me when I say you are gonna look hella good!

boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot

5. No excuses – go for it!

Are you saying to yourself, I really want to do this but I’m having reservations because (fill in the blank-  my job/ I’m a mom/ I’m too old)? What are you talking about you looney tune? You’re never too old for a smoking hot photo sesh. Get your cougar vibes on! Strut your stuff. Embrace that MILF confidence. For example…
boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot


I have shot Sunday School and Kindergarten teachers, and no one ever had a clue except their husbands (who smile at me with a smile of a million suns when I see them in passing). Everyone deserves to feel like a vixen every once in a while.

6. What to wear

Don’t know what to wear? No worries I have a Pinterest board linked here to give you some inspiration! Ady got the gorgeous pieces for her shoot from Sarafina Dreams on Etsy and they were classy and stunning. I loved the French lace. I’ve even had clients find some bomb stuff on Amazon too so whatever floats your boat! Also, if you are doing this as a gift, think about bringing something of your significant others! Shooting a sexy lady in one of her man’s favorite shirts or just in his tie while she’s smoking one of his Cuban’s is one of my favorite past times.


boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot


7. How to gift it

If you are gifting your shoot, an elegant glass box with prints, a leather bound album, or a giant canvas for your bedroom are all great pressie options! Also keep a couple of the images to yourself so you can draw this gift out as long as possible. Once he/she sees one of these images and knows there may be more in store for later, you will be able to use these for bribery purposes for months on end- you’re welcome.

8. Just be yourself 


Need more persuading that you can rock a boudoir shoot? Ady hates taking pictures and doing styled photoshoots. She wants them to be over in like 5 minutes so if she can pull it together for her hubby so can you! We took these in about 15 minutes (the only time she’d give me in Paris) and I love the photos! Here’s a sneak peek… aka the only photos Ady would actually let me share with y’all.

Check out more from our boudoir shoot in Paris


boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot

boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot

boudoir Paris elope wedding travel blogger photoshoot


** Thank you Sarafina Dreams for providing the most elegant French lace gowns for my shoot! 

** All Photos by Jennifer Oetting Photography

** Makeup by Zinchuk 

** Shot at the Shangri La Paris