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I thought writing a product
review for my very favorite sunless tanner in the world Loving Tan (it’s
nothing short of LIFE CHANGING) would be a breeze. However, after a week (or
two) of writing and rewriting the opening sentences, I realized that this
blogging stuff is much harder than it looks!!!  When it comes to beauty
products, I think more in three part miniseries than half hour episodes and I
apologize in advance if I get a bit carried away. 

I have been using various
forms of sunless tanner after fear of skin cancer and wrinkles forced me to
give up tanning beds and my search for the perfect self tan could easily be
compared to the quest for the Holy Grail.
The biggest problem was finding the right color for my naturally pale
skin.  Many tanners have a very
artificial look and appear more orange than brown and if I used the right level
of tanner for my skin (light/medium) the color change was minimal.  All I want is a product to transform me
into a supermodel instantly with very little effort on my own- Is that so much
to ask???

**clouds part, heavenly
choir sings, radiant beams of light shine down**  TA-DAH!!! I found the Australian brand Loving Tan on
instagram.  After seeing post after
post of ghostly limbs suddenly bronzed and Gisele-esque, I ordered my first
shipment.  At the time they only
shipped from Australia, so I waited a few weeks for my first package to
arrive.  Hallelujah!! My search was
over.  Finally, I got the perfect
golden tan of my dreams.

Ok, ok, enough about me-
Here’s the product breakdown (luckily for this review, when I
love a product, I tend to go a little nuts when ordering).

All of the sunless tanners on their site are a mousse
formula. Their webpage is a little confusing by offering separate categories
for “mousses” and “2 hr express” but
both are mousses.  I am embarrassed
to admit that I had tried all of them even before I knew I would be writing
this review.  The 2 hr express
mousse is $39.95 and comes in 2 shades, medium and dark.  The regular mousse is $34.95 for the
medium and dark shades and $39.95 for the ultra dark version.  I prefer the 2 hr express- the color
payoff is the same with a faster development time- and I like to layer the
medium and the dark, sort of like a skin ombré.  The medium is an amazing golden color
and I would compare it to a natural end-of-summer tan.  The dark is definitely more of a “WOW!
Did you just back from 2 weeks in Tahiti??” kind
of bronzed glow.  The ultra dark (I
feel) had the same color payoff as the dark but with a slightly more reddish
tint.  All of them have an initial
color guide to help with application and with proper care your tan lasts about
a week.  On average I probably get
about 6 full body tans per bottle.


They also carry instant
body makeup and a couple different tanning accessories.  It is essential to protect your palms
during application and their Deluxe Self Tanning Applicator Mitt ($14.95) is
perfect.  I’ve used several
different brand’s versions of these mitts and have
always still had to wear a glove inside but this one not only helps with
blending but will protect your hands from staining.  I bought the Easy-to-Reach Back Applicator ($24.95) for a
friend with T-Rex arms and she likes to rubber band the applicator mitt to the
back applicator to get to those hard to reach places.  

The Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove ($29.95) has two
sides and is good for gently exfoliating and for removing those last pesky
patches of tan.  

Last, but not
least, the Instant Body Makeup ($34.95) comes in all three shades and OMG this
stuff is concentrated and POWERFUL.
Believe me when I say a little goes a long way.  I had a massive bruise on my leg and
squirted a glob on it while running out the door to an appointment, thinking I
could camouflage it a bit.  I
definitely underestimated the coverage and density of this product.  That small glob could easily have
covered my whole body!!! It gives a nice airbrushed look and didn’t smudge or
transfer to my clothes even though it was a hot day and I was sweating.

SOOOOO- Final Verdict???? I
love it.  I have back ups for my
back ups.  This is a staple product
for me and I totally recommend it.


Product Review: Sunless Tanner
Loving Tan 2hr express in Dark

By: Makeup By Megan // @makeupbymeganh