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Man Bun’s: Yes or No?


Man buns hit the scene hard this year.  Everywhere I looked there was a man bun or someone (cough cough my boyfriend) wanting to grow their hair out just for the sole purpose of a man bun.  So far the trend has sucked in Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio and Harry Styles….

Strobing > Contouring


  via The preview for the new Magic Mike movie was on tv when I started thinking about how to write this article and it really helped me focus… I mean, the way the light reflected off all those abs, and pecs, and other glorious body parts… yummy.   That’s what…

Illumask Acne Mask Review


The new beauty power player is here and the best part about it… you can do it AT HOME!  I’ve done it all! Laser, T.O.N.S. of skin care products, facials, microderm, QVC products… the list goes on.  You name it I’ve done it. #BeenThereDoneThat  I used to do the light…