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Lip Injections Before and After at Atlanta Face & Body + a video

After a ton of y’all saw our snapchat (@VerbalGoldBlog) where I showed you my live lip injections I was flooded with questions.  I figured the best thing was to do a blog post on my new lips and if y’all have any other questions please drop me a comment below or tweet us!  If you missed the snap don’t forget to add us on snapchat to see more and get to know us a little better!

If you know me, you know I’m no stranger to lip injections and I’m definitely not one opposed to plastic surgery or any kind of filler.  Although I haven’t tried botox yet I’m sure there will be a day.  After all… I am 30.  I met Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker, the top doctor, of Atlanta Face and Body Center and she wowed me with her knowledge and experience.  She’s known as the facial rejuvenating doctor in Atlanta.  Basically, where you want to go to stay looking rested and youthful.  Not only that but her entire staff is super friendly and easy to talk to.  I think that is so important when you’re going to consider “improvements” of any kind.  They really make you feel at ease and at home.

Dr.Elizabeth Whitaker Atlanta Face and Body Top Doctor

Staff photo by Modern Luxury

Tony, Dr.Whitaker, Candice, and Cindy

The big reason I was drawn to Atlanta Face and Body Center is because Dr.Whitaker is one of four doctors that has the new SculpSure machine.  It’s a big time laser body contouring machine that only takes 1 session (yes, just a single session) of 25 minutes to lose inches!  SculpSure permanently destroys 24% of fat cells.  Crazy right?  It’s a game changer for sure!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for that.  If you want to know more you can check out SculpSure here.

Here is my before and after from my iPhone photos.  I haven’t gone back for my check up so the professional photos aren’t ready yet.  You’re numb throughout the entire process so the pain is minimal.  I had zero bruising and am obsessed with my new lips!  I always use jeuvaderm (which also has a numbing agent in the injectable so extra bonus) and it’s said to last 8-12 months depending on how your body metabolizes it.  You can see in the video below Dr.Whitaker finished my lips in less than 5 minutes and wow what a difference!

via snapchat @VerbalGoldBlog

I’m no Kylie Jenner but the youthful naturally plump look is what I prefer.  I can’t even stand to look at the before image anymore -ick.  I don’t smoke and it is winter but my ‘before lips’ were starting to resemble raisins.

Check out the video I took while I was getting lip injections here:

You can find the Atlanta Face and Body Center website here and remember to add them on Facebook and Twitter!  If you want to schedule a free consultation you can call 678.888.FACE (3223) or contact them here.