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Bro Does Boscia

So this bro did Boscia.  A luminizing peel off black face mask.  I did it with him of course.  And so did Lauren!  Because a bro’s first face mask needs a little encouragement. (Enter alcohol + a headband + a friend) Trust me, a headband goes a long way.  In an era of man bun’s running wild on the internet #longhairdontcare a headband is a must to keep your man’s hair and yours out of your eyes pre face mask.  Mathching obvi.


You don’t need to send the boyfriends home to do your Sunday night rituals.  Just include them next time.  They’ll probably like it! Bible.


That picture might not show it but he liked it and was soooo excited to have on some “war paint“….aaaaaand the alcohol had nothing to do with it…. wink wink. 
Here he is to tell you all about it!


Decoding the bro:

War paint = Boscia face mask

Holding my face in = It tightens when it dries

Hope it cleans me = Hope it cleans my skin and gets rid of blackheads


Verdict:  The peel off part is fun and it works.  


Come see more embarrassing pictures of us in face mask over @VerbalGoldBlog


xoxo Ady