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For the love of guava berry coladas… I mean St.Maarten

St.Maarten was such an amazing trip.  It’s a neat little island.  There are two sides… a French side and a Dutch side.  I stayed at a hotel in Simpson Bay which is on the Dutch side.  The island is super small so you can rent a car and drive around the entire island in a day.  Everything is within walking distance.  Most nights you can just walk down the beach to find a nice dinner spot.  It’s perfect because you just relax, sit outside, listen to music all by a bonfire on the beach!

Sunset Beach Bar is probably my favorite.  It’s where you go layout and the airplanes fly over you.  They even write down the arrival times so you know when the planes are coming.  I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of people flying everywhere because they stand too close.  It’s funny because people actually stand where is clearly says DON’T STAND and they all get sand sprayed and thrown into cement walls. 
The next day I checked out Karakter Beach where the bar is made out of a bus!  But no matter where you go you always always need to get the famous Guava Berry colada!  They are amazing!!!!
The hotels always suggest lots of fun activities too.  One I really liked was the boat adventure that takes you scuba diving!  The views from the water are amazing!  I also love that the hotel takes you to Philipsburg for free where you can see the cruise ships come in and visit all of the local stores!  There are tons and tons of jewelry stores that have amazing… like seriously amazing… deals.  If you’re in the market for a new diamond ring it’s definitely worth the entire trip to just go and visit for the price of diamonds there instead of buying them in the US.   It’s mind blowing how cheap they are while still maintaing the quality.
The cliffs
Restaurant camera
The Lambada… free drinks all day in the hot sun did me in!
This is the last day I saw my cell phone.  I lost my phone and my coverup… in the Caribbean.  Probably at the bottom of the ocean and guess what… apple care does not cover that.  In exchange I brought home about 5 bottles of my favorite drink ever since I had all that extra room in my suitcase from losing clothes thanks to the guava berry coladas.  



  • 2oz Sint Maarten Guavaberry
  • 1oz Coconut Cream
  • 3oz Pineapple Juice or Pieces
  • Ice 


Put ice in blender, add Sint Maarten Guavaberry, Cream of Coconut, pineapple pieces or juice. Blend well. Garnish with pineapple, toasted coconut & fresh nutmeg.
This was the best vacation and I can’t wait for the next one!  Loved St. Martin // St.Maarten. 
Where should we go next?  We over at VGB love love love to travel so shoot us some ideas below or over on our insta.  I think next on my list is Turks and Caicos.  
xoxo Ady