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Earn an additional $5000 On Instagram With The New Badges Feature


As you know, IG has recently been rolling out a ton of new features to help creators and small businesses make money directly from Instagram.

Previously, the way to become an Instagram success was via sponsored posts and affiliate marketing, but during the past few months, Instagram has been releasing a ton of new features to earn an income directly from the platform.

The newest feature? Instagram badges! Let’s dive into what we know about this new feature as well as how to start earning more money from your hard-earned content!

How to enable Badges

If you don’t get a pop up you can go to “View Professional Resources” at the top of your Instagram profile. Then click “Manage Badges in Live” and click on “Status”. 

You can also get there by going to your account settings in Instagram. Clicking on “Creator” and then “Badges”. 

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How can I make money from Badges?

When you go live make sure you turn on badges. Then your followers can purchase a badge during a live video, much like TikTok, which is a sort of donation towards your work. Fans who purchase badges will not only get a little heart next to their names, but they’ll also get the chance to unlock additional features, including placement in your account’s list of badge holders. 

How much can you earn from badges?

There are different levels of hearts (badges) that your followers can purchase:

  • One heart – $.99
  • Two hearts – $1.99
  • Three hearts – $4.99

They can only purchase and send a badge while you are doing an Instagram live video. The badge will be visible to you as a creator as well as viewers of that live video.

For now, Instagram won’t take a commission for earned badges, but Google and Apple will take a 30% commission from in-app purchases. In order to get paid, you’ll need to set up a payout account and provide the usual info – tax info, payout name, business info, etc – it’s super easy to set things up!

But there’s more!

This will not last forever, but Instagram is currently matching your badge earnings up to $5000, which is like… a ton of free money!

What Do I Need To Sign Up?

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Use a creator or business account.
  • Meet Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies

You need to first enable your account so do that now!

What do you think! Head over to IG, get your badges feature and start doing lots of live videos!! Hurry up because this feature will only be rolled out to a limited number of creators for now!

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