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Tips to Earn Affiliate Income Consistently

Wondering how to make money as a blogger? Becoming a professional blogger is actually a really realistic and profitable career, and learning how to master affiliate marketing is a must to up your income! On this post, I share some tips to earn consistent affiliate income through your blog! #Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways through which you can do both, earn good income online, and promote your own products to get more sales. However it’s not easy, there are many things that you should keep in mind in order to earn consistent affiliate income.

So, to help you with that I’ve researched and gathered a few tips that’ll allow you to earn a successful affiliate income without investing too much of your valuable time.

Tips to earn affiliate income consistently

1. Choose quality over quantity

Focusing on many different affiliate programs instead of one will not help you in increasing your income. This is the first thing that you should know before getting into affiliate marketing.

Ensure that you write one detailed blog post with tons of useful information instead of writing five with unnecessary fluff. Choose one or two trusted and relevant affiliate programs rather than stuffing your posts with ten okayish ones.

Tips to earn affiliate income consistently


2. Position yourself as an expert in the field

Positioning yourself as an expert in a particular field will make you and your blog a trustful source of information on the internet. This will attract relevant traffic to our site who will take a genuine interest in products/services that you’re promoting.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips!

· Start a blog dedicated to a particular niche or even better a sub-niche
· Write for other authoritative sites in your niche
· Find opportunities to be a guest on a podcast or host your own podcast
· Create social media groups/pages and share valuable information there
· Learn and gather certificates
· Publish a book and seek the opportunities to speak at live events

Tips to earn affiliate income consistently


3. Know your audience

If you don’t know what your readers are looking for then, you can never make consistent income through affiliate marketing. Being a blogger, you should narrow your field, you must spend time researching the issues that your potential audience is facing, and try to come up with innovative solutions for it.

Doing so, will not only make you more familiar with your readers but it’ll also help your audience to trust you. And in the affiliate income world trust means sales.

4. Choose only relevant programs

Don’t join some affiliate program just because it is famous. Instead, assess your long-term and short-term blogging goals, and based on that choose relevant options.

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5. Opt for less popular but quality programs

It’s fine if you go with Amazon when you are just starting off but later you must shift your focus because most things on Amazon are already being promoted hugely elsewhere. So, your offering won’t be noteworthy.

On the other hand, the less popular but quality programs related to your niche will give you a chance to promote something really unique which might evoke the interest of your readers.

I know, it’s hard to find such programs but it isn’t impossible. Be consistent, and with time you’ll surely get a chance to promote brands that don’t have tons of affiliates.


6. Ensure that commission rates are worthy of your efforts

Having a consistent and successful affiliate income is not only about the products/services that you’re promoting but it’s also about the fruitful outcome of your efforts.

Generally, smaller brands pay more commission to their affiliates (10%-30% or even more). So, it’s wise to stick with them instead of focusing only on big names such as Amazon which pays very little commissions (around 5%) per sale.

7. Try the products first

Being an affiliate is all about suggesting something that you find worth to others. So, if you’re promoting products without even trying them then, it’s like cheating your audience.

Besides, if you’ll share your personal experience, progress, tutorial, etc. related to that particular product or service then, it’ll be easier for your audience to believe what you say, and this will automatically increase your chances of getting a sale.

I hope that you got some valuable information through this article. If yes, then do mention your views and ideas regarding the same in the comments, I would love to read and discuss them!