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DIY ART: Graffiti Chic for $8 and my Office Makeover

Gold, Pink, and Gold Glitter {eeeeek} these are a few of my favorite things!!!  It was about time for an office makeover!  Like stat.  So out with the old and in with the new.  I wish I could show you how ugly this room was before and how far it’s come …. wait no… no I don’t.  Let’s just say it’s had 4 makeovers!

*side note: I am a great rapper! ATL backing and I can beat anyone at def jam rap star! {wink but for reals}

I had two HUGE blank walls that needed some love. (I’m still working on this room btw)  I’m thinking bright pink accent wall or horizontal stripes behind my big diy “artwork”.  The other wall will be a gallery wall with the cutest Society Social gold bar cart but you can find more gold bar carts here! And how I designed mine here!

*yeah I broke the bank for this one…couldn’t resist! 

diy graffati print

Newest addition not pictured is my new favorite Unicorns are Real Gold Unicorn with Gold Glitter horn on the right wall of the couch.  

I got it from Joss & Main but you can find it here at Beautiful White Faux Taxidermy.  They have a ton of colors to choose from that you can customize!  Wish I would have seen this sooner!

The before: aka makeover number 3:

My inspiration: Alisa Burke

1. Plywood: old wood: a sheet: Really anything and the bigger the better! $4-10 at Home Depot
2. White paint
3. Black shoe polish with round sponge tip (maybe 2)
4. A poem or song you want to write

It’s so easy!

Paint board white, let dry, write poem/song with black shoe polish.  

**Feel free to be messy don’t measure, leave off words, letters, sentences, do whatever you want! You’re free!  It’s so much fun!  I squirted and squeezed the shoe polish to make it “messy and drippy” looking and flinged it all over “my work” when I was done.  So graffiti chic! {wink wink}  

Now I’m ready to get to work!  It’s so much easier in a space you love!  So have fun! Enjoy! Hope you like it!

** More to come!

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