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Fairytale Inspiration: Create a Dreamy Garden

how to create a dreamy garden

We have so many repins from our garden pinterest board we thought we should write a blog post on the subject. Having a garden is something quite inspirational for many home owners, but even those fortunate to live in rooftop apartments can enjoy beautiful flowers and greenery on their vast balcony. But creating the garden of your dreams takes time and dedication, but it’s also a wonderful hobby to get away from busy daily schedules. Although many landscapes can require a professional hand, there are still a lot of designs you can do all by yourself. One of them is to have your very own dreamy garden resembling those straight out of fairy tale lands from our childhood stories.

Plan your design

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to draw, the most important thing when planning the look of your future garden is creating the arrangements of plants, walkways, grass and trees. And when it comes to fairytale gardens, their main features are colorful flowers and scattered layouts symbolizing the freedom of nature and spirit. Write down the names of flowers and plants you want to plant so you can easily find the seeds and seedlings in the nursery garden. Nowadays you can find anything online, but you can also ask someone skilled in gardening to suggest a few rewarding plants to cultivate.

Flowers to build the dreams on

The easiest way to create that untamed look of the dreamy gardens is by using flowers usually seen on meadows, and later to introduce some other kinds such as roses for their inspiring smell or gladioli for their prominent stature. But using meadow flowers in your garden doesn’t mean spreading the seeds spontaneously. On the contrary, although there is a general opinion that these types of flowers don’t require much attention, they need care and nurture to grow and stay within the borders you envisioned. If your garden doesn’t get much sun then consider cultivating some more domesticated plants since wildflowers need a lot of suns to grow.

Trees worthy of elf kings

Gardens can exist without trees, but those truly becoming of dreams must have a couple of deciduous trees. Their changing color during the seasons will give your garden a different look during most of the year and their rich tree tops will provide enough shade to stretch a hammock and nap in the afternoons. Weeping willows are very popular for their sentimental appearance, but commonly seen trees like oaks and birch are also a good choice. The only problem is that these trees take some considerable time to grow, so the best solution would be to buy already grown seedlings and hire professionals to plant them so their roots wouldn’t interfere with sewage and water lines.

Fruits to keep you there

The usual motif about fairy lands is that if you eat or drink anything offered to you there, you can’t leave. So, having a few fruit trees in your garden may be a truly authentic touch. Avocado, lemon, orange and peach trees are only some of the types you can add to your dreamy garden, as are apple and cherry which sprout beautiful and scented flowers in the spring. The only care they need you can provide with Hoselink garden equipment and some organic pest treatments, to protect the fruits. Another great choice is the shrubbery fruits like all sorts of berries perfect for smoothies, pies and desserts.

Create your own decorations

DIY projects are very popular when it comes to gardens, and dreamy gardens are perfect to show your creative side or start a new hobby. You can use small mirrors and hang them on the tree branches to reflect the sunlight or create wind chimes from knick-knacks. Another great detail is to buy glass stones and cement them in walkways or use solar lamps along the pathways to shine the way to the front doors. DIY decorations are not only cheap and creative ideas to embellish your fairytale land, but will also implant a piece of you there and make the garden truly yours.

In the end

When it’s all done and the seeds you planted show the first sign of ripening, have a sit in your beautiful dreamy garden and enjoy the sights the fairytales are made of. Because in your greenery heaven you are not only the gardener but also the Goblin King or Elven Queen, like David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth or Galadriel in Lord of the Rings books respectively.