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How to Make A DIY Fresh Flower Crown

fresh flower crown diy


Flower crowns are not going out of style! They’re getting bigger and better! Traveling on vacation and want a fresh flower crown? Let us show you how to make one anywhere!


What You Need

– wire

– wire cutters

– floral tape

– scissors

– flowers of your choice

– greenery



Step 1:

Get everything you need together from the list. Pick out what flowers and greenery you would like to use for your crown.



Step 2:

Use the wire to make the base of the crown. Measure how much wire you want to use before you cut it, I usually do this just by wrapping the wire around my head and then I add an inch or two of extra wire. Once you’ve cut it the length you want, take the ends of the piece and create a circle, twisting the ends around each other so that it won’t come undone. Lastly, take the floral tape and wrap it entirely around the wire base so that it will be easier to attach the flowers to the base.


Step 3:

Arrange the flowers and greenery you want to use into small groups, then use the floral tape to wrap each group’s stems together (you want the stems to be at least one inch long), ensuring that they won’t fall apart.

Step 4:

One-by-one attach each of the small groups of flowers you made in step four to the base of the crown. To do this, wrap the wire along and around the entire stem and base of the crown.

Step 5:

Wear + Enjoy!







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